One year ago, she couldn't have imagined standing here again. 

When someone had told her that she would be walking platform 9 3/4 again, she would have shaken her head in disbelieve and let her tears run freely.  

Because one year ago, she was fighting alongside her friends against the most dangerous and darkest wizard, who ever walked the grounds of the magical world. 

And she had lost almost all hope when she saw people, she knew and loved, die around her. 

But it also had given them a new found strength, they had fought for the ones, who lost their lives during the battle while protecting others, they had fought for all the innocent that was lost. 

They had fought for the good. 

And they had succeeded. 

Harry had defeated the Dark Lord, putting an end to his reign of terror. 

That day had been marked as the darkest for all magical creatures. Many lives had been lost, many families had been ripped apart. 

But it had also been a day of hope. 

And know she was standing on platform 9 3/4, ready for a new beginning. 

Hermione closed her eyes as she felt the cool September breeze brushing against her cheeks.  

A smile spread across her features as she remembered that this year would be different. 

Everything was about to change and she would welcome all the changes with open arms. 

Hermione took one last deep breath before she opened her eyes again.  

She saw students walking passed her, smiling, talking. In the corners, a few students were trooped together. Hermione assumed they were first years because some of them were holding their mothers hand firmly, their eyes flickering through the scenery before them, they looked a little bit scared...curious. Others were crying softly while their fathers were trying to comfort them.  

Hermione remembered the first time she was standing on the platform. Although she had wanted nothing more than to go to Hogwarts when the day had finally come; she had hugged her mother so tightly that her father had to pull her off. 

Hermione chuckled softly at the memory when a loud voice brought her back to reality. 

" Hermione !" 

She looked up, trying to find the person who was calling her. 

In the distant, she saw a familiar red-haired boy waving at her, grinning wildly. 

" Hermione, over here !" he yelled. 

Hermione waved back enthusiastically, matching his grin. 

And without wasting any more time she rushed over until she was standing right in front of him. 

She smiled as she threw her arms around his neck, pulling him into a tight embrace. 

The mere touch of his skin, brought back the memory of last summer. 

Hermione was sitting on her bed. 

The room was dark and it was a little bit cold for a summer day, but she didn't care. 

Outside Fred, George, Ginny and Harry were playing a game of quidditch. They were quite enjoying themselves, but she didn't hear their laughs. 

The burrow had never felt so different before. 

Hermione only had eyes for the letter she was holding in her hands. A part of her wished she never had found it. 

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