Spending The Day Alone

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Here is another update this proably won't be that long but I had nothing else to do so here ya go.

Hannah's pov

I woke up cold and alone. Funny I thought Louis was here last night. I got up and took a shower. I put on a pair of superman shorts and shirt. Then I brushed my teeth and hair and walked down stairs.

"Good mornin' babe." Louis said. He was sitting in the living room watching Spongebob.

"Morning" I said walking over a sitting down. As I cuddled in to his side his arm went around my shoulders.

"So what do you want to do today." Louis asked.

"Eat and sleep." I replied.

"Well I can call the boys and you can call the girls and tell them we are spending the day alone." Louis suggested.

"Ok." I said.

"Well go call them." He said pulling my phone out of his pocket.

"I'm not asking why you had my phone." I said.

"Just call." He said rolling his eyes.

After I got done calling the girls I decided to call Niall.

"Hello?" He said sounding out of breath.

"Uh what exactly are you doing?" I asked.

"Oh hey Hannah." He said.

"Niall what were you and Summer doing?" I asked

"We may have been making out." Niall said.

"I KNEW IT!" I screamed.

"Yeah well why did you call?" Niall asked knowing he would never live this down.

"Louis and I are having a movie day and we was going to spend it alone. Unless you are coming home, which I doubt." I said

"Yeah well have fun." He grumbled.

"So are we alone?" Louis askes leaning forward.

Louis' pov

"Why yes we are." She said

"Good." I said closing the gap between us. Our little kiss turned in to a full blown make-out sesion. We pulled away gasping for breath.

"So much for a movie day." She said in between breaths.

"Yeah well this is much more fun." I said before leaning back in.

Niall's pov

Summer was as red as a strawberry.

"I can't believe she just called and found out." She rambled on.

"Summer she's fine with it but you." I said moving close to her, our faces inches from each other." Need to stop talking and forget about it."

"Well when you put it that way." She said wrapping her arms around my neck. I leaned in and soon we was in another full blown make-out sesion.

Harry's pov

I had asked Bekah on a date the other day and it went really well. So now we are cuddled on my couch watching movies. I really wanted to ask her to be my girlfriend but I was afraid she won't like me back.

"Bekah?" I asked deciding to just go with it. Life is about taking risks right?

"Yes Harry?" She asks looking up at me.

"Do you maybe wanna go out with me? Ya know be my girlfriend and stuff?" I asks suddenly becoming nervous.

"Of course Harry." She said.

"Good." I said leaning in to kiss her.

Then to ruin the moment my phone starts ringing. It's Liam.

*phone call* L=Liam H=Harry

H- hey

L- hey sorry to intrupet

H- oh no you didn't (sarcasm)

L- Anyways we are going to go sneak in to Hannah's house again

H- um ok why

L- Zayn and I are bored you in or not

H- course

L- alright meet you there

H- k bye

L- bye

"Who was that?" Bekah asks

"Liam we are going to break in to Hannah's house again." I said shrugging

"Well I'm opening the door this time Zayn took FOREVER!" She said

Bout 10 minuets later

We are standing outside and Bekah is opening the door. In about 5 minuets later the door is open. All of filed in. All of us means me Bekah Zayn Niall Liam and Summer. We walked inside and I screamed "SUPRISE!" Again the same thing as last time happened.

When we walked in Louis and Hannah was making out. So I screamed and then she goes flying on the floor.

"WOULD YOU ALL STOP DOING THAT!?" She screamed. Okay she's mad.

"Oh well sorry we didn't mean to scare you." Summer spoke up. We could all tell she was holding back a laugh.

"Summer my room now!" She said grabbing Summer's arm and dragging her up the stairs.

Summer's pov

Oh so I might have did something wrong. I'm not quite sure......

"Summer." Hannah groaned flopping on the bed (I know what you are all thinking so guess what!? Stop being pervs!)

"Yes." I asked innocently.

"Why did you say that?" She asked sitting up." I was flushed when you guys caught us making out AGAIN."

"Well I thought it was funny." I said trying to lighten the mood.

"Ha ha." The Irish girl said

"Well ya know what?" I asks.

"What." She asked

"Let's go kick the boys out and have a sleepover!" I said

"Fine but we are watching Finding Nemo." She said.

"Okay let's go." I said pulling her up.

No one's pov

The girls eventually got the boys out of the house and began to watch movies. All three girls were excited that they could acctually have their first sleepover. Bekah and Summer had sleepovers before yet they never had one with their new Irish friend Hannah. The girls had all fallen asleep knowing that this was one of the best sleepovers ever.

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Have you ever had a dream you are at a one direction concert and then you're about to meet them and then BOOM your parents wake you up. Cause I hate that.

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