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Dekus dad is the number 1 villian and deku is a villain
Deku left UA after there first year and its now their second
And rn dekus dad just kidnapped bakugou after hearing he used to bully his son

Dekus dad is 7'1

Deku is now 6'8

Bakugou 5'7 then sm happend🙄✋

Bakugou POV:

I wake up to being tied to a chair in a dark empty room, I try to use my quirk but it's not working


"Hello bakugou" I hear a deep voice say

"Who the hell are you!?" I yell a little scared but I'm not gonna show that

"The number one villian. You know my son, izuku midoryia." He says stepping in the light


I think to myself looking up at this giant

"I've heard you bullied him" he says I gulp

Welp ima die

"So as punishment for that and for my sons birthday, hes been wanting a dog so your gonna be that dog with this potion it will give you dog ears and a tail and let you transform to a dog" he says I'm in shock

"I think I wanna die instead" I say

"Nope" he says and forces the drink down my throat i swallow the gross shit and then pass out

After his nap and the transformation

I wakeup again still tied to the chair except now the man is gone

But the chains are loose on me I'm now able to slip out of them and when I do I realize I'm a whole lot shorter

Bitch never said I was gonna shrink!!!

I feel my head and tail

Welp I did get those. Yay:/

I hear the door open

"Ah your awa-....huh" the gaint says stepping in

"I didnt think it would shrink you too...oh well I was about to bring you to izuku anyways and your much cuter" he says I glare at him he just picked me up and threw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, I pout at that

I see him walk up to a door

"Izuku I got you a present!" He says knocking on the door I squirm and land on the floor he didnt really have a tight grip on me, he grabs my arm I hide behind him embarrassed about my sudden changes

"Yes dad?" I hear the door open a deku say I peek a little bit and see him

Wow. Hes much taller and buffer now hes kinda scary I go back to hiding behind the gaint

"Come out." I hear him say in a even deeper voice sending chills down my spine, I slowly move out behind him he gives me a small push so I'm now standing in front of deku with my head down

"Kacchan is that you???" I hear him ask before I can say anything his dad says

"Yep! And I made him into a dog for you...well now more of a puppy I accidentally shrunk him he probably about 4ft sm" I blush and continue staring at the floor

"You have fun do what ever you want with him" he says and walks off I look up at deku his eyes staring into my eyes, then he smiles?

"Hmmm your more of a baby then a pet" he says I frown at the word 'baby'

"Not a baby" I say he chuckles and picks me up

"I can't get over how cute you look right now!!!" He squealed ignoring me and kissing my cheek

"Now let's get you changed those clothes are way to big on you" he says I can't help but nod what he said was true, he sits me on the bed and grabs some clothes

"Hmmm..." he says looking at me

"What?" I ask

"How old will you headspace be?" He said

My huh-

"Huh?" I say with a very confused face

"I'm debating on pull ups or diapers" he says I blush

"Um none!?" I say

"Let's go with diapers for now just to be safe" he says and starts undressing me ignoring my screaming, he changes me into one and then shorts that make it noticeable, luckily he then gave me one of his sweater that are very big to cover it and some high socks

"Aw adorble" he says

"Cant you let me go deku, look I'm sorry I was a asshole!" I whine hoping he'd let me go

"I forgave you along time ago kacchan and its daddy to you, Ima let that curse word slide since it's your first day" he says sitting next to me on the bed and pulling me on his lap cuddling me

"I promise I won't ever hurt you or let anybody touch you" he says and kisses my head I lay on him as he pets my head

"I love you so much kacchan I've always have" he says I look up in shock

"You...have?" I say in disbelief

"Hehe yes little one" he says kissing my cheek a bunch I giggle

"I-... I missed you" I admitted he stared at me in shock then smiled softly

"Oh baby..." he hugs me tighter tears coming down his cheeks

Still emotional, I think to myself with a chuckle

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