After twelve rounds - Ashton failed first. Fucking lightweight.

The rest of us were still going, each of us one by one gulping a shot that was equally infactuatley swallowed with ignorance of the burning sensation within our throats.

The music shared good vibes within Harry's house and I soon noticed that everyone was moving along to the beat, toes tapping and heads nodding.

I looked to Holly and saw her stood between Calum and James, both pair of eyes admiring her like elevator scanners. With Holly drunk enough, she took no time in deciding that she would kill two birds with one stone and take both boys out of the game and upstairs.

Spluttering and leaving the kitchen - Zayn failed next.

My hand slithered around Robyn's waist and my finger hooked at a lace of the dress, my lips pressing firmly to her neck, my gory breath of alcohol filling my own nose.

"Robyn, your turn," Brad slurred, handing her the alcohol. She laughed at how drunk everyone was beginning to get - we all started looking and acting like zombies.

She easily filled the shot glass and drunk it quickly, everyone cheered and she passed the alcohol to me.

"Should we start placing bets on who will win?" Luke asked, looking to each of us quickly, blinking rapidly.

"I'm betting on Louis or Liam," the boy I believed to be called Tristan said, pulling out his wallet.

"W-What about me?" Harry looked offended, "I'm gonna bet on myself that I'll win. So if I win I'll give myself a tenner, and if I lose I'll give myself a tenner."

"Sounds like a good idea, Harry," Niall patted him on the back sarcastically.

Harry was clearly wasted. "Thanks, Niall! I came up with the idea all by myself!"

Niall rolled his eyes, "he's nuts! Should I take him out?"

"Nah leave him, he'll make it," I said, my fingers strill tracing shapes on Robyn's waist.

"I don't need no babysitter," Harry said, finally getting the alcohol himself and taking a shot, "I'm grown up now!"

We carried on the game, and I could soon feel Robyn's knees weakening as she leant against me. Her eyes were dropping and she looked dizzy, her head was almost spinning, She frowned as we spoke, she couldn't grasp onto the words that were being said.

After five more had left the game, I felt her time in the game coming to an end. Liam was just as drunk as her and I noticed that she held onto the kitchen counter as tightly as she could to stay on her feet.

Liam walked forwards, then he skipped backwards, he turned wobbly ninety degrees left and then he collapsed. I felt relief in my system to know that we were coming to the end of the game, but I had other thoughts.

I turned to Robyn and saw the state she was in, from what I could recall she was absolutely wasted and I knew that she wasn't going to survive the rest of the night. So I had to do what was best for her.

Niall was gone, leaving the game with just me, Robyn and Louis.

"Lou, you've won," I said to Louis.

"I have??!" he jumped up and down, loosing his balance.

"WhAAt??" I looked to see Robyn frowning at me, she looked so cute, "I thought we weeeere.."

"We were what?" I smirked, "come on, we're going home."

"But I won, right??"

"Of course, baby, you won," I put two hands on her shoulders and walked behind her as I lead her towards the door, I yelled, "whoever's sober, tell Harry that we had a good time!"

"That'll be me," Holly came down the stairs on our way out, her hair messy and her dress not on straight. I knew straight away what she had been doing, and I shook my head.

"See you later."

"Bye Michael," she said.

I lead Robyn outside, I sat us down on the curb before I pulled my phone out to get a taxi.

"Giraffes have tails, right?"

"They do," I wrapped my arm around her to keep her warm, I pressed the phone to my ear.

"So why aren't they living in the sea?"

I laughed, "I don't know baby, I didn't make the world."

"Addison taxis, how can I help?"

"Can I get a taxi from Miller Way please?" I asked, Robyn tried standing up from under my hold but I kept her down, not wanting her to wonder off.

"I'm sorry, sir, but the taxis are out of use."

"Are you sure?"

"There's nothing we can do, you'll have to find another way of getting home."

"Can't you just get someone to drop us home?!" I began to get frustrated, I had to stand up and hold Robyn in my arms to stop her from running away, she giggled as I held her with one arm, the other holding the phone as I ranted. "I have my girlfriend here who is pissed out of her head and there is no way I can get home! We live ages away and if we have to walk we would get there by sunrise and that's not how I would like to spend my Saturday morning! Now fucking get a taxi here now or I'm suing!" I hung up and shoved my phone in my pocket. With my other arm still holding Robyn, I rested my head on her shoulder, just wanting a hug after all the frustration.

"Not now Mikey.." she giggled, "my mum will hear us."

I smiled against her shoulder, "your mum will hear us? Doing what?"

"Don't play tricks on mee.." she looked around at me, her eyes were dialated a lot and her face couldn't hold one expression, "you are cheeky."

I laughed, "I am?"


"How am I cheeky?" I said, holding her waist close to me.

"Because, you have a cheeky face and a cheeky smile and you're adorable," she pinched my cheeks, "I could just eat you."

I laughed louder, knowing that it was all drunk confessions, "save it for later, Robyn, I need to find a way of us getting home."

"I thought we were home?" she frowned, pointing at Harry's house.

"That's Harry's house," I said, "you remember Harry, right?"


"Our friend, Harry. We are just leaving his party," I tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, "did you have a good time?"

"Mhm.." she smirked.

She tried to stand up but I held her down, she giggled again and I rolled my eyes. It was going to be a long night indeed.

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