Not my Girls

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"Your kids in trouble." I heard Mel's voice say

I didn't hesitate, I called my daughter Autumn, She answered

Phone Convo with Autumn

Me: Autumn, where y'all at?

Autumn: With TJ, we will be home in a little bit. Everything ok?

Me: Yeah, Everything alright over there?

Autumn: *pauses* Hold on, Dad

Me: Alright

Autumn: Yeah, we good dad. We will be home in about 15 minutes

Me: Alright

She hung up.

Something ain't right

"Hey baby. Where the kids?" Maya asked coming in the house

"The girls on they way home, MJ upstairs in his room sleeping." I said sitting her on my lap

She looked at me and kissed my lips, "We lost another"


"I miscarriaged this morning." she said

"Why you ain't tell me, Maya?"

"You was sleeping. It will be alright, Okay? But after this baby, I'm getting my tubes tied and I don't want no more kids, Aug," she said looking at me

I laughed and kissed her lips, "Alright baby"

She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck, "I love you."

"I love you too, How was your show?"

She smiled, "It was great!"

"That's good baby, You hungry?" I asked her

"Starving" she said

"Alright go get out your clothes and I'm gone get started on dinner"

"Alright" she said getting up and going upstairs

I went and got started on dinner when the girls came through the door.

"Hey y'all"

"Hey Dad, Bye dad" they said running up the stairs

I stopped what I was doing and went upstairs to they room and closed the door behind me

"April, what's going on?" I asked her

"Nothing" she said

I decided to ask Autumn because she will never lie to me and I can tell if she lying or not

"Autumn, what's going on?"

She looked at April than went to the bathroom, "Nothing"

"Don't lie to me." I told her

"We got into an altercation with someone at school, Nothing happened." they said

"Who?" I asked

"I don't know, some dude at school" they said

"Some dude? Did he lay his hands on y'all?"


I looked at them both

"Come here" I told them

They got up and came to me, I examined them real close and seen bruising on them oh hell no

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