"Seeking the Niceties of Marriage", by Gratiana Lovelace: Introduction

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Is love and marriage something that Lord Edward Carlisle can do—a second time? His first marriage was disastrous—it was arranged by the parents-- but not with taking the feelings of the two parties into account, remained unconsummated due to his deference to his wife stating that she loved another, then his wife was killed four months later with her lover in a carriage accident that was all hushed up. All London Society thinks that he is a still grieving widower the past five years, though he is not. But Lord Edward vows to try marriage again—and on his own terms this time, involving love, or at least some of the niceties of marriage such as bringing his future children into being.

And initially unbeknownst to Lord Edward, his best bet for marriage might be a childhood acquaintance lady who has not attracted any notice among society and no suitors during her previous six seasons—whom is ripe for the plucking, in more ways than one. Can two such haplessly lovelorn individuals find love and romance, together? They will need much hope and interventions--on both sides--if they are to marry and find happiness with each other.

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