So Long To Yesterday (Chapter 12)

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So Long To Yesterday

By: Stacy Leonhardt Gravely

© All Rights Reserved – 2011


Sleeping that night was nearly impossible, Katia thought until she finally passed out around midnight from exhaustion. The blaring alarm clock shook her from her slumber.

“Ughh.” Katia brushed her hand through her tangled hair as she stared at the noisy contraption. “I hate you, I hope you know that.” She mumbled as she reached out and slammed her hand down on it to silence it.

As she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, Katia realized that in less than hour she was going to be pouring over a exam for at least two hours. The exam caused butterflies to flutter erratically in her stomach that only seemed to calm down a bit when she reminded herself that she got to spend the rest of the day with Blake.

“Blake.” She smiled as she whispered his name. She refused to let the fright of the exam to bring down her good mood. Swinging the blankets off her she jumped out of the bed and rushed to the bathroom to right her hair and ready herself for the day ahead.

Just as she was slipping on a comfortable pair of flip flops a melodic knock came at the door. Taking a moment to grab her bag from her desk chair, Katia opened the door to see Keelie with her fiery red hair pulled into a sloppy bun on top of her head, sporting work out shorts and a tank top.

“Morning Kat! I brought breakfast!” Holding out a white paper sack Katia smiled taking it savoring the scent of warm bacon wafting from inside the bag. “Bacon and cheese on a croissant.”

“Thank you! I didn't think I was going to have time to even get anything.” Katia thanked her as she bit hungrily into the sandwich then turned to lock to door of her room.

“Drink?” Keelie giggled as she watched Katia nearly inhale the breakfast sandwich. With a quick nod from her, Keelie slung her bag in front of her and withdrew a bottle of apple juice.

“Fank uh!” Katia muffled out as she eagerly twisted the top from the bottle trying to swallow the mouthful she already had. “Sorry! Thank you!”

“I understood your foreign language.” Keelie smiled as they walked towards the classroom hall they both had their exams in. “You ready?”

“I think so! More ready for spending time with Blake, but I have to get through the exam first.”

“Well just concentrate on that exam, then you can have fun.” Keelie wiggled her brows.

“Yes, mother.” Katia grinned as she waved bye to her friend as she dashed up into the building and into the room her class was held in.


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