Ch. 39

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Harmony's p.o.v|

Today's the day, we're going to Japan finally. The boys are really eager to arrive there. We're in the plane ready to land in an hour or so.

"Hi!" Ash shouts in my ear.

"Oh my god! I hate u." I give him a look of disgust.

"No you don't," he sings soundly.

"Oh lord, what am I going to do with you?" I laugh at him softly.

I look to my left to see Luke fast asleep and the other boys were as well. It was just Ashton and I.

"Are you excited?" Ashton asks me suddenly.

"I'm excited to be here with you morons," I smile at him brightly.

"Good to know" he says.

"How about you?"

"Same" he said.


"I'm just glad to be going to Japan with all of my best mates!" Ash smiles big.

"I'm flattered, Ash."

"I didn't mean you, Harmony."

"Ouch," I pouted.

"I mean you're more like my little sister" Ashton replied.

"Aww thanks, Ashton."

"And Luke, Mikey, and Cal are your three dumb-ass brothers?" I questioned.

"Exactly" he says.

I laugh and smile all at once.

"Come here little one" Ashton said.

I hug his side and he hugs me back. Ashton is such a great friend and he really is like a brother. The boys all are brothers to me, well except for Luke because that would be weird. Calum,
Michael, and Ashton are my family.


"We're in Japan finally!" Michael shouts on the top of his lungs.

"Shut up, Michael!" I laughed.

He stuck his tongue out at me.

"Oh Jesus."

The boys are given these cool red robes, which I'm pretty sure are called Kimonos. But I don't know, I'm not from here obviously. It said 5SOS on it and some Japanese writing. It was pretty awesome.

"This is sick" Luke said.

Luke looks so cute today. He doesn't have his hair in a quiff like usual. It's almost the way his hair use to be. If I may say so myself, he's so hot right now. Not that he isn't always hot. Just saying okay...

We go into the airport to see many many fans waiting for the boys. They stop for pictures and to sign things for them. I've never seen so many fans waiting at an airport for them, oh my god.This is truly incredible! I'm so proud of them all.

"This is crazy!" Calum said.

We go out to the car and go to the hotel. I'm staying in a room with Luke and Calum.

"Can't we have our own room?" Luke looks to me.

"Unfortunately not, Luke."

"Why not?" Luke was now pouting very cutely.

"Don't do that please."

"Why?" He smirked.

"Because you're too god damn cute! Now please just stop it."

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