being their baby

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Shinsou 2A AU

They are on their second year

Everyone is taller than bakugou cause why not

Shinsou POV:

Me and my boyfriend denki are laying bed he is whining in my chest

"I want a babyyyyy" he whines

"I know babe I do too but we are both boys hunny and you know we can't adopt tell we are 18+" I say and kiss his head

"But I want one now" he pouts

"Well kirishima did suggest something to me today when I told him about our situation" I tell him he immediately looks up at me

"He suggested ageplay, you know what that is?" I ask to make sure he nods his head confused

"We he said maybe we could get a little in this school so they could live in the dorm with us and be with us 24/7" I say he smiles existed

"Yay!!! But how do we get a little are there even any littles?" He asks

"No... that's why would have to fund someone and kinda get them into it" I say

"Force them?" He says I nod slowly

"Are you up for that?" I ask nervously

"Yes of course!" He says I chuckle

"So have and ideas on who?" I ask

"Hmmm... bakugou? I mean he so small and adorable! And I know his parents are terrible his mom is abusive and his dad left him last year, and we could teach him and raise him better!" He says

"You know he won't like this at all and will fight us alot." I say he nods

"But shinsou he's the perfect size! He's like a baby standing next to us and his adorable little chubby cheeks..." he just kept naming everything adorable about him I chuckle and cut him off by saying

"Then tomorrow morning let's get everything we need, we can set his room up in out second room and then get our baby that night" I say he squeals and hugs me tight and slowly drifts asleep

This will be perfect we are on break rn so it's a hood time to start, I think to myself before falling asleep

Denki POV:

I wakeup first with excitement

"Babe wakeup!!!!" I yell sitting on his chest

"Hmm I'm up" he says and sits up making me slide down to his lap

"Hurry we need to prepare!!!!!" I say and get off him and get ready

Once we are both ready we go get stuff for his room like a crib,changing table,baby books, stuffed animals, and tons and tons of baby decorations we went with having a cottage core theme so vines and mushrooms and frog/bunny decor

Then we got him ALOT of onesies and baby clothes for him along with pacifiers and diapers and pull ups for when school starts again and for when we out in public or around people. We also got him sippy cups and a high chair and car seat pretty we got him every thing a baby needs. Once we got home it was 7:45

It took up tell 9:30 to set everything up but It was worth it now Shinsou went to get our baby boy. He just needs to sneak in his room and get him, hes asleep by now and hes a heavy sleeper  so it will be easy

Shinsou POV:

He left his door unlocked so I was able to just walk in once I do I look around our poor baby had no decor in his room and barely anything I look at the bed and see him cuddling his pillow I can't help cut coo I walk over and pick him up slowly being very gentle

Damn this kid ways nothing

Anyways I take him to our dorm slowly, once we get their I carry him to the nursery I had to stop denki from squealing and waking our baby up. I wait tell kami calms down to give him our little one he smiles excitedly and carry him to the changing table

Denki POV:

We finally got him!!!!

I lay him on the changing table and slowly strip him making sure not to wake him up

Ugh he looks so peaceful I just wanna pepper his face in kisses

I sprinkle his private parts in baby powder and put a diaper on him, He looks like a real baby I kiss his tummy and put him in a fluffy bear footsie and give him a cute brown pacifier to match

"Aww" I whisper shinsou walks over to me and we look at our baby before setting him in the crib and kissing him goodnight

Bakugou POV:

I wakeup to sun hitting my face I groan and sit up and hear a crinkly sound, I look down and I'm in a onesie!?!? And there is padding around my crotch? I look around and I'm in a nursery of some kind and I'm guessing I'm in a crib. I stand up and hanging on the railing it's hard to stand up in the footsie pj and the crib is slippery

"Hewo?" I say wth I notice something is in my mouth I take it out it's a frickin pacifier.

"Hello!?" I yell angrily the door opens and i see dunce face and mind control freak

"Eeeeee!!! Are babys awake!!!" Dunce face squeals

What tf is happening rn-

He picks me up onto his hip

"Hey!" I yell embarrassed

"I think our little one might need some food in his tummy" mind control freak says

"If this is a prank it's not funny let me go!" I say and try to get down only to be lifted into mind controls arms

"Aw someone's cranky huh? Dont worry your daddy and dada have you" he says and kisses my cheek

Ok I'm officially lost

"Now let's get you some food" he says and walks out to the kitchen where I see a high chair

"Noooo" I whine he chuckles and sets me in it strapping me in making me feel the padded thing around my crotch

"Here you go baby" dunce face says bring a baby bottle into my mouth I glare at him he just boops my nose and squeezes the bottle making milk go into my mouth now I have no choice but to suck on it

Once I'm done he picks me back up and they set me on the carpet in front of the tv and sit next to me

"Wanna play with your blocks?" Denki asks I pout and look away

"Hmmm" I hear

"What about, this!" He says I turn around and hes holding a fluffy bunny

Its actually kinda cute I take it slowly into my arms

"You like it baby?" Shinsou asks I nod and bring it to my chest shinsou pulls me in his lap and they both cuddle me and say how much they love me

This weirdly feels nice I lay back on shinsou chest and let them cuddle me tell I felt sleepy

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