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Chapter 5♥

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Hope you guys like this (:



     I was stuck in some branches. It was too dark to see where I was going. I screamed, "Hello?!" But no one answered. A tear left my eye.


-Chapter 5-

 ---Zoey's POV---

     I cried for help 'till I couldn't breathe. My legs couldn't reach the ground. My throat was dry and longed for water. The darkness made me feel blind. Why did I even go this way? 

    I finally heard something. "Who's there?" I said with my raspy voice.

    "Hello?" It was a deep voice. A familiar voice.

    "Help me! I'm stuck!"

    "Where are you?" It was the boy.

    "Over here! Follow my voice." I suddenly felt a breathe on my neck. I froze, speechless.

     "What have you done?" He whispered in my ear. His hand travelled down my back and onto my thigh. It quickly left my leg and I think onto a vine. I heard a snap and my thigh fell loose. My arms were still stuck.

      "Ouch! My arms." I managed to hang on but not for long.

      "Just a second..." He whispered again in my ear. His voice calmed me. I felt his hand travel up my back and onto my shoulder. His touch sent shocks all over my body. I smiled to myself. He was now in front of me. "Wow. You got yourself quite in a knot." He chuckled.

       I reached out in front of me and touched his face. He got closer to my face. He touched my cheek and wiped a tear away. "It's going to be okay." He said in a soothing voice. Now that I think about it, he wasn't a jerk after all. He was being nice to me.

     Something snapped and I fell to the ground hard. I quickly got up and felt  around looking for him. I suddenly felt his arms wrap around me. "You are such a stupid, little girl. Lets go back to the beach." ..and he left. Stupid...little...girl?  That honestly made me angry. I ran back.

    The sun burst behind the trees. It felt so good. I saw the boy sitting on the beach, smiling. I gave him a glare.

---Dustin's POV---

      I sat down on the beach waiting for the girl. I turned my head and she was standing with her arms crossed across her chest. I smiled. She gave me a dirty glare.

     "What?" I said, confused.

     "You called me a stupid, little girl!" She exclaimed!

     "Then what am I supposed to call you? We've known each other for like a day and I still don't know your name yet." I said.

      She sat down beside me and crossed her legs. "It's Zoey."

      "Zoey? Hot name." I winked. She gave me a disgusted look. "I'm Dustin."


      "Hot name. right?" I smiled at her real big.

       "Why do you do that?" She questioned.

       "Why do I do what?"

       "You think you're so cool. I honestly hate guys like that!" She proclaimed. I laughed in disbelief.

       "I AM cool. And you love me." I paused, thinking. "Well, you eventually will. You should consider yourself lucky. A girl would die to be in your place right now."

        "What? Well, they're stupid. I would kill myself just to NOT be here. And no. I genuinely do hate you!" 

        "You love me. Who wouldn't?" I got closer to her. She got closer too. I saw a sparkle in her eyes.

        "You have such a big ego." She scoffed and got away quickly.

        I thought about what she said and attempted to make her smile atleast. "You wanna know what else is big?" I gave her a smile.

        She looked at me with more disgust in her eyes. "Yeah.. Your nose!" She got up and walked away.

        "Hey! I don't have a big nose." I yelled back. I held my nose and followed her to where she was standing. She was looking at the coconut pile that I stacked earlier.

        "Who put these here?" She asked.

        "Obviously I did. Want some?" Her stomach growled just a second after I finished my sentence. "I'll take that as a yes." I cracked one open and handed it to her. She took it without a thankyou. I didn't care though.

       After we finished up, I suggested we find some wood for a fire.

        "You can go get them." She said, still pissed.

        "Why are you still so angry at me? I'm giving you company, I brought you food, and now I want us to get warm. I even rescued you!" I got up yelling at her. She was getting on my nerves.

         She got up too. "Because you're a jerk and you're treating me terribly!" She yelled back.

         "How the heck am I treating you bad!?" We were yelling over the crashes of the waves.

         "No one that used to be around me treated me with such disrespect!"

         "Well this isn't the same life you're living anymore, now is it?" I questioned.

         She thought for a second. "Well, you are right on that."

         "See!? THEN WHY ARE YOU BEING LIKE THIS?" I wasn't letting her slide.

          "Dustin... Do you have any idea of what I have JUST lost in the past two days?!" I saw tears building in her eyes and stopped to reply. She collapsed to the ground. I froze and just let her sob into the sand. I held my breath completely shocked.

          I had this urge to just run into the trees and I did. I hurt her. How could I just let her yell at me like that? I have always treated girls with so much more respect but more so because I knew none of them were the right girls for me. Zoey, on the other hand, was different. She seemed like she had a whole different story, a whole different past. As much I hated being on this island, maybe it was a chance for me to change.

---Zoey's POV---

        I fell asleep on the beach after crying. It wasn't that I hated Dustin, it was more because I just lost my family and friends; my life.

       I had a dream. It took place where I was before; stuck in the vines between the dark trees. I could feel Dustin's hand running up my thigh and up to my face. He rested his hand on my cheek. Our foreheads touched and he...


Author's Note:

HOPE YOU LIKE IT (: I'm eating tubes (: WAHOOOOO YOGURT! ♥




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