Ch. 38

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Harmony's p.o.v|

Dear diary,

Life is good right now. I'm one month pregnant now. Luke is beyond happy about this baby. I'm so grateful to have a guy like him in my life. I'm also grateful for all the great supporting friends I have. For example, Stacey and all the other girls are so amazing! And then there's the boys like; Cal, Ash, Niall, and Mikey. Just to name a few of them.
In a few days, the boys and I are off to Japan. The boys are so excited to go there because they have been waiting awhile for this. I'm just honored to join them and the 1D boys on tour for a little bit.


"I believe we have a date tonight!" Luke says eagerly.

"I believe you're right."

He leans down to kiss my cheek. I smile to myself.

"Where are we going for our date?"

"Wherever you want to go, Harmony."

"Alright, that sounds promising."

Luke chuckles and sits down in the chair beside me. He wraps his arm around me.

"8 more months to go," he places his hand on my stomach.

I smile down at my stomach.

"I still can't believe this. All of this is happening so fast."

"I know" he said.

"Do you ever wonder what it would be like if we never met?" I ask Luke.

"Why would I wonder that?"

"I don't know, it would just be so different. Sometimes I just wonder what it would be like. I just can't imagine being without you guys." I look towards him awaiting an answer.

"It would so weird" Luke answered.

"I know right."

"Do you remember when we first met? It was the funniest day of my life." I told him.

"Yeah, I remember.." He says.


It's a sunny day in California, but what else is new. I'm sitting on a park bench reading one of my favorite books. I put in my ear buds to listen to some music.

I could see that it was starting to become dark out, so I decide to walk

I hear my phone start to ring. I of course answer it.

Phone Conversation:

"Hey mom."

"Where are you?" My mom yells into the phone.

"I'm at the park, I'll be home a little late" I tell her.

"Be home soon, okay." She tells me.

I could already tell she's angry.

"I will, bye."

I hang up the phone on her.

End of conversation~

Suddenly, I bump into someone or something. I drop my phone on the floor.

"Damn it!"

"I'm so sorry," someone picks up my phone and hands it to me.

"It's okay."

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