Part 9

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Hello Writers!

            Welcome to the Blog of Encouragement! As much as you may want to, I must ask that you please keep all hands and feet inside the post at all times and please, ladies and gentlemen, no flash photography!

            Now that the formalities are over, let’s get started! I have a question for you all. Did any of you make a New Year’s Resolution or a goal that you want to accomplish by the end of the year? We’re almost at the two month mark. How are those going? Did you make one for writing? How is that going?

            It’s amazing what a goal can do. Just by making one, it makes you feel obligated to pay attention to it. I know that when I make a goal, it’s a race. I want to see how fast I can do it and if I do it faster than the time I’ve given myself, I make another one for a shorter time. I know that competition is what drives me. I compete against myself. I want a better time than the previous. I want to have a post ready faster than I had the last one. It doesn’t always happen though, does it? Life provides opposition. We don’t have enough time, writer’s block hits, we become insecure, or maybe we lose interest and that is a whole different ball game.

        These things are the things that stop us or make it hard to write what we want, when we want. They hold us back from our goals. Before you know it, each goal is piling up onto the next and you’re overwhelmed. That’s never a good feeling. I know for me, when I have goals piling up, I hide away from everything and bury myself in my music. I need a moment to figure things out, cry it out, and then I make a plan. I make a plan to accomplish those goals and I will have them done. When you’re overwhelmed what do you do? Do you give up? Does it make you move? Maybe you call up a friend or message them for some encouragement. Maybe you turn in on yourself and beat yourself down.

        Each person handles the situation differently but let me tell you, goals are important, yes, but what is more important is the plan to get them done. If it makes it sound better for you, make little goals to get to your big goal. Make your goals for the day something so small as doing a finger exercise or reading something that could give you some tips on how to proceed with your writing. Learning is just as important as writing. One day a week, I make a point to hold my writing and search the internet or the library for something that could help me further my writing. Some of you might not have time for that, but if you do I would highly suggest it. It doesn’t just help you with your writing ability but you can get some inspiration from it too! Maybe you read something that makes you want to try it out and all of a sudden you have some ground to work with.

        Sometimes it’s not that easy though. But then, what do you do? There’s so many answers to this. Some people go crazy and create a blog of encouragement because they have nothing better to do...Others may take a break from their writing or participate in talks to understand what’s going on and get some ideas. One of the things I do is practice writing some poetry. I am not a poet by any means but it helps to get me thinking and get my creative juices flowing. Or maybe, I draw a picture (which are horrible by the way). I do something else that is creative in order to get some juices flowing. Maybe I go and play my guitar so I can relax and have time to clear my head. It’s amazing what you can do to get some inspiration. Here’s another thing, go try to make something in the kitchen. Try something new that you’ve never done before. Maybe it tastes horrible, or maybe you make a chocolate espresso brownie and it’s amazing. Perhaps you write about your experience and create a character that works in a bakery. There’s a million different things you can do to get some inspiration.

        Go back to your plan, look at what you’ve got on the list for the day. Revising, writing, editing, OH MY! Don’t freak out. Take a deep breath and start typing or writing on a sheet of paper or make me something in the kitchen because I’m super hungry now. Yeah, do that. Just kidding. Your list of things is important. What’s your next goal line? Is it tomorrow? Today? The end of this week? Let’s get it done. Beat the opposition. Show life that it’s not in control of you. It can’t limit your writing, only you can do that. How motivated are you? If you’re one of those that needs a friend to encourage them, call them up! Do anything to get those juices flowing. Go out to the kitchen or a Starbucks or something that can get you some hot chocolate or as I like to call it, juju. Let it sink in, relax, and then get to it. For me, being uptight never works. I need to relax in order to get a solid chapter out. Take a deep breath. Relax. Drink some juju. Write it out.

            Thank for joining me on the journey of encouragement. Make sure to watch your step as you walk out. See you guys next post!


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