Truth or dare?

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You yawned as you dragged the warm covers away from your skin. You ached, you had been training with Kakashi everyday for a week and yet he still claimed that he didn’t have enough time to teach you a new jitsu.
“At least I saw that beautiful face of his” you sigh happily to yourself. Lately you had been developing a minor crush on your teacher and the more time you spent with him the more attracted to him you became. Happy thoughts still on your mind you dragged yourself from your cosy bed and wandered towards the shower, after showering, getting dress and getting food you walk down the road towards the training grounds.  Although Kakashi was training Naruto today you still wanted to train yourself. You reached the training ground and was about to start when two green blurs whooshed in front of you.
“(y/n) look at you out here training by yourself, oh how youthful of you” a proud voice boomed at you
“However” another voice chirped “We think you could use a training partner...or two!”
Your eyes adjusted to the whirlwinds that had approached you.  Guy and Rock Lee stood in front of you both giving you a big grin with thumbs up. 
“Oh... hey guys” you yawned these people were to active for you, just watching them made you tired 

“You look so tired” Guy said looking at you closely then letting out a loud, obnoxious laugh “Maybe you just need to train to wake up” he said loudly slamming you on the back almost knocking you over. 
You sighed, as extreme as they were you weren’t going to turn sparring partners so for the next few hours you ended up sparring with the two of them until you couldn’t feel your legs. You fell onto your hands and knees gasping for breath. Moments later Lee was standing over you
“Are you okay (y/n)?”  He asked with a frown
“yeah I’m fine” you smiled trying to stand but gravity pulled you back down as you hit the ground exhaustion takes over and everything turns black.

Your eyes open slowly to a white room, a soft breeze pushing against your face playing with your hair.
“Nice of you to join us” a sweet voice giggle you turned to face Sakura standing by the side of you
“Oh hi” you smiled back looking round “Be a doll and remind me where I am”
She smiles back “The hospital, Lee and Guy brought you here a couple of hours ago. You had passed out from training to hard”
You sigh “Ah, great” 
“However” she continues “you should be fine now, in fact I wanted to ask you something”
You raise an eyebrow “Go on” 
“Well me an Ino have agreed to hold a small get together later at my house since my parents aren’t in, would you like to come?”
“Depends who else is going” you state bluntly
“A few others we don’t know exactly who yet”
“Will Kakashi be there?” you ask before you could stop yourself causing a small blush to scatter across your checks
Sakura must have picked up on the blush because she started to giggle “Oh don’t tell me you have developed a crush on Kakashi-sensei”
“No!” you growl defensively 
Sakura’s face burst into a grin “Oh my god! You have!” 
You swing yourself out of the hospital bed and quickly cover her mouth with your hand “Okay I do, no need to yell about it” you hiss
She pulls your hand away and draws a cross across her heart “Cross my heart I won’t tell a soul” she smirked 
You nod “Okay good” relaxing again you lean back a bit. “So later is going to be fun” you chuckle 

You and Sakura walk back to her house to find everyone who had accepted the invite there. Kiba, Hinata, Naruto, Sai, Yamato, Ino, Shikumaru, Lee, Guy and Kakashi were all perched around Sakura’s living room.
Sakura frowned “How’d you get in here? The door was locked”
Naruto gave a closed eyed grin “Sakura, we are ninjas! That lock stood no chance against us!”
You giggle and you take a seat next to Kakashi “Yo” he nods at you “where were you today I didn’t see you around” 
You blush slightly “Oh me? I was at the hospital”
His eye widens slightly “The hospital? Were you hurt?”
You giggle at his concern “Oh no, I just passed out from exhaustion after training with Lee and Guy” 

He nods again calming again “Ah that is understandable”
You look up to see Sakura grinning at you making gestures with her hands causing you to glare at her. “Oh I know” she giggles still grinning at you let’s play truth or dare”
You glare at her “Sakura are you sure that’s a good-“ 
“Lets do it!” Naruto and Lee grinned as you sighed 
“Could be fun” Kakashi smiled at you “You’re not afraid are you?”
You glare at him “Of course not” you said sticking your nose in the air
“Then it’s settled, we’ll play truth of dare” 
‘Damn me and my stupid pride’ you growl in your thoughts as Sakura takes a bottle and spins it. After about three hours Lee and Naruto had kissed, Kiba had run out the apartment naked, Yamato had yelled out the window that he wants The Hokage in his pants (I doubt she will be too happy about that) Shikumaru had licked Sai’s foot, you learnt that Guy-sensei wet the bed until he was 15, Ino once put glue in Sakura’s shampoo and Hinata still sleeps with a teddy bear which you found adorable. You gulped as Sakura spun the bottle again it spun around slowly ‘Please don’t land on me, please don’t land on me’ you prayed silently when the bottle stopped you sighed happily until you saw who the bottle had landed on. Kakashi looked up “oh it’s me” he smiled 
“Okay sensei” Sakura grinned “Truth or dare?” 
The silver-haired jonin thought for a moment “hmm, dare” he said boldly
Naruto leapt to his feet “I dare you to take of your ma-“ he was cut off by Sakura leaping at him putting her hand over his mouth “Sensei” she said calmly “I dare you to kiss the prettiest girl in here”
That’s it you were going to kill the pinked haired ninja tomorrow you silently sat there plotting Sakura’s death as Kakashi gently said you name. “(y/n)” he said as you turned to face him 

“Yes sen-“you were cut off by a pair of soft crushing against yours causing your eyes to widen as he placed a hand on your cheek. Your teacher was sat there kissing you in front of everyone as you felt your face turn bright red. He broke off and pulled his mask up so quickly you didn’t get another chance to peek at his face. You sat there wide eyed for a couple of seconds; you could feel everyone staring intensely as Kakashi just sat there smiling. Without thinking you pulled your hand across his face, slapping him as hard as you could before standing up and sprinting for the door slamming it behind you.

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