Chapter 22

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Buddar dragged her feet across the forest floor, which was covered in debris. She and the rest of the group had been walking for hours. She glanced over at Link, who was at the front of the group. How can he walk for so long and not be tired? She wondered.

Unlike the rest of the group, Link was still walking at a steady pace and his feet weren't dragging across the ground from exhaustion. Buddar glanced around at the rest of the group, Navy was walking next to her, Navi was resting on Link's shoulder, and Buddar could feel Lyra inside her cap, nestled within her soft red hair. She glanced over her shoulder, Shadow was a few feet behind her, he looked even more exhausted than the rest of them, and his burn wasn't looking very good either. She felt a pang of sympathy for him, and slowed down her pace until she was walking beside him. He glanced at her and smiled slightly, Buddar smiled back at him and they continued walking.

Buddar glanced up, her smile faded. The slightest hint of light had appeared on the horizon. "Link!" She called.

He stopped and glanced over his shoulder at her. "The sun will be rising soon," She said, gesturing towards the horizon. "We're going to need to find a place to take shelter in."

Link glanced up at the sky, then nodded in agreement. "We should find a cave, or some other place that's dark." He said. "We'll split up so that we can search faster. I'll go with you, Buddar. Navy, go with Shadow."

Navy nodded and went over to stand beside him. Shadow cast a longing glance at Buddar, but said nothing as they disappeared into the trees. Lyra fluttered out of Buddar's cap. "I'll go with them," She said. "If we find anything, I'll come and get you two."

Buddar nodded in agreement, then Lyra zipped off after Shadow and Navy. Buddar turned and followed Link into the trees.


Buddar glanced over at Link, who was pushing aside some low hanging branches and vines. He hadn't said a single word the entire time they had been searching, which she found odd. She shrugged it off and continued looking through the bushes, but found nothing but more forestry.


She turned around, Link was standing behind her. He had a troubled look on his face. "What's wrong?" She asked him.

Link glanced down. "About Shadow..." He said. "Do you..." He paused, as though he were afraid to ask. "Do you like him?"

Buddar gave him a confused look. "Of course I like him," She said. "He's my friend."

He glanced up at her, a hopeful look in his ocean blue eyes. "So, he's just a friend?" He asked.

Buddar narrowed her eyes. "Yes," She said. "Why?"

Link shook his head. "No reason," He said, turning away. "Just wondering."

Buddar stared at him for a few moments, then returned to searching for a shelter. "It will take more than a few misadventures to win my heart, Link." She said, smirking slightly. "No matter who it is."

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