A Plane Ride to BitchVille Guess Who's Coming Bitch!!!

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HEY its both of us today!!!!! yaaaay!!! Here is the new instollment of V.S. (VAMPIRE SISTERS) srry its been so long we've been busy wit school nd lots of shits happened  but we're back nd happy to write the new chapter!!! We love ya'll nd hope you keep on reading!!! ENJOY FAN VOTE ND COMMENT ND TELL US WAT U THINK THE TRUTH PLEAZ!!!


Bitch pov (Darlenes)

I'm so excited to break Tim my lover (only to her) and this little bitch up!!! I can't beleive he would fall for this fucking WHORE! My plan is to take this little lucky recording of him to THEIR house and im going to play it to this dumb bitch named Holly. She is going to flip on him like no one has ever flipped on anyone before not even me...

Gina said "I can't even wait to get my Damien back he was so sweet and sensitive he knew me better than anyone. He even knew my favorite tampon type!"

I responded with a snort and said " you better not be gettin all soft on me or i swear to you i will rip your head off here and now!"

Gina was trembling when she said "No of course not i'm just really excited to find Damien and steal him back aren't you excited to get Tim back? "

I answered " Yes or else why would i be doing this with the sorry likes of YOU!"

Gina quietly said "Yes, yes i know you remind me of that every day."

I responded with " Good because without me you'd be nothing! I could just as easily let you go as i did picking you up when they left us!"

She soberedly nodded. The rest of the flight was in silence other than the annoying stewardess asking if we wanted drinks or something else just crappy that this damn plane sells. I could just as easily snap her neck and drink her fresh, sweet, thick, delicious, syrupy (in thickness) blood straight from her miniscule veins. But instead im stuck with this fuckin crappy stolen old bags of blood probably from some old hag, because it tastes that way. I'm passing it off as a Bloody Mary and have snuck a little bit of alchohol in it to make it more realistic and make my flight a little less horrific (vampires can't get drunk as easily as humans but after a bit of alchohol they'll be tipsy enough to bare annoyances.).

After what felt like millions of years, but was only about 13 hours, we arrived. I smiled and watched as Gina tried to follow my lead. We had to hide our accents, from living in Romania for a hundred years, from all of the delicious looking american humans. Tim and Damien are only two hundred just babies in vampire years. Gina and I are five hundred years old only in the time we've been vampires, we are concidered the first graders of vampires which more than i can say for Tim and Damien.

We waited for an hour until we could actually leave the airport. We only had two bags each but it still took long enough to get to them. New York has certainly changed since Gina and I hav been here. 

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