Chapter 72: Johanna

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I woke up this morning hoping to spend some quality time with Gale, that didn't happen. 

I wake up slowly, without an alarm for once. I go to slip on my clothes and sigh. Why did they have to torture me with water? I kind of need it, for survival but my brain won't let me wash up or barely drink it. I hear a soft knock on my door and open it slowly. Gale's standing right in front of me with his hand behind his back, and his other hand holding some flowers. I smile and open the door all the way for him.

"Hello" he says formally and he plants a kiss on my cheek. I smile and sit on my bed. "I brought you some flowers" he says without moving his hand behind him. I look at him nervously and he seems confused.

"What's behind you?" I ask nervously and he smiles almost carefully. He brings his hand out to a pretty brown-ish dress, more like caramel. I smile but why would he just get me a dress. I look at him carefully with a lot of confusion and he smiles. He hands me the dress and I go to try it on.

'Wow it's not much' I think to myself embarrassed 'maybe he got it a size too small' I shrug it off and step out into my bed room. Gale stands up and looks me over proudly. I blush and look down, the dress barely passes my thighs and there are no sleeves. He grabs my shoulders and kisses me softly.

"You like it? I thought, since we're kind of together and we want to lead Panem. I thought, well I should show you off. If you don't want I can get you a new one" he offers sweetly. I smile and hold my sides.

"Me and my 'associates' are going to check out Snow's old office. You want to come?" he says holding out his hand. Might as well. I grab his hand and we walk slowly through the hallways to where ever. I keep my eyes open just in case it's a trap. I'm new to love and I haven't trusted anyone since meeting Finnick. I feel a pang in my chest. 

Finnick is dead. He was killed during his mission with Katniss, Peeta and Gale. He left his unborn baby and his newly wed wife. That's tragic. I may not like him, anymore, but he was my best-friend since I was almost 15.

"Do you want to go explore?" he asks as he turns me towards him. I shrug and he pushes me away gently. I laugh lightly to my self and walk around the great room, I think. In District 7 you had an average of 5 rooms in a house. You would usually have a bed room, maybe 2 if you're lucky, a bathroom, sometimes just a shack outside, a small kitchen, a wash room, usually with a bath and a tub for clothes, and a work room, if there's an active father.

I look at the paintings on the wall, some taller than two of me and see there are a lot of 'Snows'. I shutter lightly because he has an evil smirk in almost every single one. I would rather leave now, but then I see a picture of a young brunette girl and I stop to admire her. She looks like me, when I was young at least.

She looks like a mix between young me and Prim. I feel a pang of guilt, Prim's dead. She died too young and Katniss doesn't deserve it. She, as in Prim, was too nice and of course it was Snow who killed her. I sigh and look around some more. There's a fire-place in the corner and I watch the flames dance in the stone chamber.

I start to get bored and walk back to Gale, who's sitting in front of two men. I start to feel self-conscious and inch towards Gale.

"What are you doing to my Clove?" I hear one of the men asks angrily, Cato. I look at Gale nervously and he smiles.

"She's just with Katniss, a sort of companion. They won't be hurt" I say forcefully, if Gale has plans, they won't happen. I add an innocent smile and he rolls his eyes, almost invisibly.

"Can we see them at least?" Peeta asks urgently "Even if just briefly?" Peeta adds carefully. I look at them carefully, trying not to draw attention to my dress and Gale smiles nervously at me. I look at him, briefly and turn my attention to the now fascinating floor.

"You may see them for 5 minutes" Gale says formally "Johanna could you please take them" I look at him, scared, and nod. I continue to look down as I lead them into the cells. The same cells I was trapped in, for however long. I shutter lightly and feel a strong hand on my shoulder.

"Hey, you okay?" Cato asks carefully. I nod and stifle a few tears, if I see my old cell I most likely will just collapse and die. I can't go through all of that again. We continue down the hall and I glare at the guards in front of their cells. They back up quickly and the door clicks, unlocked.

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