Chap. 19

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Nicole's POV

"You're home late," I commented, as my dad walked through the door close to midnight.

He let out a grunt, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

"I've been waiting up for you. I needed help on my Chemistry homework."

Dad let out a sigh. "Honey, I'm sorry, but I don't think I can help you tonight. I'm drained."

"Rough day at work?" I asked.

"You could say that."

"What happened?"

"Had to rush a helicopter out to a waterfall today and do emergency surgery on a teenage kid."

"Life threatening?" I asked, sympathetically. Whenever a kid comes in for emergency surgery, it really hits my dad hard.

Dad nodded.

"Is the kid alright?"

"For now."

"How old?" I asked, handing him a couple of slices of pizza from the refrigerator.

"Your age," dad answered. "Young boy."

"Does he go to the public high school?" I asked.

Dad shrugged. "The father was a wreck. Another boy was there with him, soaking wet."

"Soaking wet?" I asked.

Dad nodded. "He saved the kid's life, that's for sure. I think his name was Taylor, or something that started with a T. Last name King."

I felt my blood run cold. "Tyler?"

"That sounds right." Dad paused, the pizza halfway to his mouth. "Do you know him?"

I managed to nod. "The kid that was brought in, what was his name?"

Dad put down the pizza. "Shane, Shane Dawson."


"It's 2:00 in the morning," Trinity said, opening her front door. "This had better be good."

"I kissed Shane Dawson."

"Alright, worth a midnight phone call," Trinity said, letting me inside.

"And my dad just did emergency surgery on Shane."

"That much I know," Trinity said, leading me upstairs. "Tyler was down there as long as they would let him."

"How is he?"

"Unconscious," she said, handing me a Hershey's milk chocolate bar. "But alive."

I closed my eyes, letting the information sink in.

"Now tell me about the kiss. What happened?"

"We were rehearsing for Spring Showcase and he just kissed me." I took a bite of the chocolate bar. "And I think I wanted him to."

"What did he say after the kiss?"

"Nothing, he just left!"

"And when did this happen?"

"Last night. I thought I'd at least see him today, maybe even get to talk to him." Tears began to build up in my eyes. "But my dad says he's in pretty bad shape."

Trinity opened her arms, letting me fall into them.

Never did I imagine myself crying over Shane Dawson.

Trinity's door flew open and Tyler came in, holding a lamp.

"I don't need a lamp, but thanks?" Trinity said, in a questioning tone.

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