Chapter 26

    “Don’t cha think we shouldn’t do this?” I asked Ally, skeptically.

    “Look, I can’t kill him, it would be too suspicious. You gotta kill him, and then I flee the country from sadness,” Ally explained.

    I just nodded.

    “I have to go, now. Just remember everything, okay?” Ally said.

    “Okay,” I said hesitantly, as she walked away, leaving the words, drifting in the air.

    I walked back to the group, and we walked together up to Hilton’s office. Now I knew everything about Ally, and I didn’t know the result yet, but it was going to be okay. The first thing I noticed, was that Chase and Dylann were gone. I had to bite my lip, before I said something I regretted. But Cay beta me to it,

    “Where’s Chase, and Dylann?”

    I was shocked. I didn’t think she really cared.

    “Uh, I don’t know, let’s go find them.

    We walked around for a while, and finally looked in the tent with the most noise coming from it. And there they were. Not at all how we expected them to be. They were completely dressed, and Chase was tied to a chair, with Dylann pointing a gun at his head.

    I finally knew then that it was a test, and I had passed it. I would get Chase. But then I realized the only way I would get him, was if I saved him. So I acted on impulse. I jumped in front of the chair, and screamed,


    It seemed to go in slow motion from there. Dylann was frightened, and dropped the gun. She then made her way over to me, and shoved me to the ground with all of her force. She then made her way over to Chase, and instead, slapped him across the face leaving him a big red mark.

    I finally got up from the slow motion shock, and walked up to her, and punched her with the most force I have used on anyone. She dropped like a brick. I bent down, looked at her, and said,

    “That’s for slapping Chase, and this, I slapped her, “Is just for fun.”

    “Wait…” Chase gasped.

    My heart sank. He still loved her.

    I was wrong though, for he threw a gun at me, and gasped out,

    “Kill her.”

    She was on the ground, and I didn’t think twice.  I pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. Feeling stupid, I loaded the gun, and pointed it back at her. But she was already up. Heart sinking, I pulled the trigger, right as she clawed my face with her extra sharp nails. Not even a second after she dropped to the ground, I fell down next to her, gasping in pain.

    I looked down at the hand I had clutched to my face. Not only was it red with fresh blood., there was green spots on it also. Poison.

    “Oh my god! What happened!” Cay gasped.

    Billy grabbed Dylann’s dead hand, and inspected the nails.

    “It’s poison,” He called.

    “We need to get her to a hospital,” Chase whispered, catching breath on everything.   

    I looked at him, and he looked back with a warm gaze.

    I was quickly losing consciousness, and I was getting more and more frustrated that no one took me to the hospital. Even though I hate hospitals, I need a hospital when I’ve immediately gotten poison in my bloodstream.

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