Okumura's POV


"Where am i?"-Me

I saw the city are destroyed.Yukiteru is fighting a familiar of darkness.And the one who got my attetion is an angel.Who got a very long red hair and she looks like Ryouko and Reiko....

"Who's that girl?"-Me

Then my dream got past forward.One of the girls will die.She will herself to save her love ones.Even Kyouko is here.I saw Yukiteru hugging his legs and head is bowed on his knee like his crying bad...

"This can't be the future.I don't like this"-Me

After that I heard a voice...

"You cannot change the future"-Mysterious Voice

Afte that I heard another voice like it's coming from Shinosaki.

"Shiro.Wake up!"-Shinosaki


~End of Dream~

*What a horrible dream*-Me

"Okumura,Are you okay?"-Ryouko

"Yes.I fine"-Me

"Are you sure?"-Ryouko


Then she hold my cheecks and she get her face near on my face...

"Ry-Ryouko?"-Me while blushing

"Your temp. is just fine.I just feel worried"-Ryouko

*Why is my heart beating so fast.Couldn't be I like Ryouko*-Me

"Let's go.Okumura"-Ryouko

"Wait.Can I kiss on the cheecks now?"-Shinosaki

"Phew~Okay just this time"-Ryouko

"Yehayy!"-Shinosaki then he kiss Ryouko on the cheecks

"Grr *irritated*"-Me


After that we go at the school...

Yukiteru's POV



"Morning too"-Me

"Where's Reiko?"-Okumura

"I don't know.But her Mom.Told me that she can go to school today"-Me

"So,Let's go to her house tomorrow"-Ryouko

"Okay"-Me and Okumura

"I will go on my seat now"-Ryouko


After that Ryouko go to her seat and all the boys follow her.

"By the way,Do you have a problem?"-Me

"Yes.I have a dream"-Okumura

"What dream?"-Me

"The city are destroyed.And I saw an Angel.And one of the two girls will die"-Okumura

"That can't be"-Me

"And a heard a voice saying You cannot change the future"-Okumura

"But how?"-Me

"My powers is I can also see the future"-Okumura

"That's why"-Me

"We need to protect Reiko and Ryouko.So,No one will die"-Okumura


After that the class started...



"I will find the Angel of Catastrophy and Ask them to join with us"-Girl

"Hahaha.Just wait"

End of Chapter 23


Sorry if my story is too short.But pleass read it

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