Sorry I'll have to censor inappropriate words even if they're not swear words it's stupid and I'm sorry if I use stupid words for the pênis

My heart was batting against my ribcage like a pinball. My small, anxious hand lay faintly onto the crotch of his black jeans, causing Harry's pursed lips to form into a sly smirk. My plump cheeks reddened quickly as I nervously stared at the sight of Harry's emerald eyes connecting with my widened ones.

"Don't be nervous." He whispered before softly biting his bottom lip. His right hand slowly wandered to mine and he pushed it down harshly, creating more friction between my small palm and his hardening member. He leaned forward so far his back arched to near me, his free hand grazing my chin as he tilted it up toward him. The tips of our noses connected but our lips were alone as he kept us still, my insides doing continuous summersaults at the slightest fragment of his aura.

I couldn't mess this up.

His hungry lips touched mine instantaneously after my hesitance, our quiet, heated kisses being shared lustfully as he intently tilted his head to the side to grant him better access. "You're so gentle, so fragile."

His hand which cupped mine now raised slightly to the zip of his jeans. My frail heart dropped nervously as he began revealing himself bit my bit in front of me. My hand snapped away as he rose to remove his pants, but only pulled them down low enough to reveal his very large bump through his grey Calvin Klein boxers. There was an intense sensation in the pit of my stomach as I rigidly inhaled and exhaled, my hesitant palm wanting to find its way back to Harry's member but not having the courage to do so.

"Feel me getting hard for you." He lowly groaned as he dragged my fingertips to graze the large bump underneath his underwear. I gulped, massaging it lightly as his hand pushed mine against it. He let out a quiet moan, causing me to suddenly widen my eyes in surprise as I flinched in dismay and pulled back. That was... The most attractive noise he's ever made.

He licked his bottom lip before inhaling sharply. "You make me do that."

I hesitantly furrowed my eyebrows before softening my gaze. "I-I did?"

He went completely silent and still, his eyes locking instantly with mine before he gradually began lowering and lowering his intent stare. I sceptically followed where his eyes travelled, and then his head tilted down; where he stared at his bulge. It was rock solid.

"Make me moan again, Harley." He pouted his hot, pink lips.

I froze, my shoulders tensing as I confusingly shrugged them cluelessly. "I... I'll mess up."

He momentarily glared but soon covered it with determination as he sat back swiftly into the headboard. He palmed himself, and suddenly his hand went underneath his boxers.

"Do you want to watch me touch myself?" He whispered seductively.

I was so anxious I began to shake, my legs trembling in fright as I gulped and nodded. Why did I want this so much? "Y-Yes."

He had a hidden smirk as he touched himself right in front of me, but the sight of it was captured by his boxers. There was a dying cry inside of me that was begging and begging for him to take them off.

"Do you want to know what I'm doing to myself right now?" He spoke before his tongue grazed his teeth.

I sat up on my knees as I placed my hands on my lap as I stared in awe. There was curiosity filling my mind yet I seemed to display impatience. I replied to his question with a quick nod.

"Right now, I have my fingers wrapped around my cøck. And I'm moving my hand up and down. Do you like the look of me touching myself in front of you?" He pursed his lips as he lowly spoke.

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