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Hey bitches

Imma get on with the chapter but first I'm gonna write a quick, kinda long authors note, k?
Please read
So guys, I have been ignored the whole day!
My friends left me alone so I spent break alone
My friend on Twitter is not talking to me
My "friends" are not following me back on Instagram
the Instagram thing is by far the worst one

Okay on with the chapter

So guys... This is going to be a serious chapter...
I don't know if any of you have anxiety or get panic attacks but I think I have anxiety and get panic attacks, I'm not sure if it was a panic attack or an anxiety attack though..

The 'panic attack' happened last year
This is the things that started happening:
1) started hyperventilating
2) started shacking
3) couldn't breath properly
It lasted about like 30 min ?

And I have always been a very anxious person and I think I have had two anxiety attacks this year
1)couldn't breath properly
2) started shaking
Lasted about 5-10 min

got diagnosed with anxiety, so it wasn't just me going crazy :)
if any of you are going through the same situation- you're not imagining it and you should get the help you need

May the odds be in your favor

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