Part 1 - Nice to Meet You...Again

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            The first time Bree showed up, or I guess I should say the first time she showed back up, she said nine words.

            Here I was this sixteen year-old guy, still seething at my parents for omitting the fact that my father had the tendency to travel through time and space without warning.

            Then she shows back up.

            Nine words. But that Oklahoma-Hello kiss was worth a million.

            I remember exactly what she said after the kiss—“Gotta run. I have a date with your destiny.”—because it reminded me of that scene in Back to the Future where George McFly calls his future wife his density. My family watches those movies every Thanksgiving.

            One time I asked Dad, “Why Thanksgiving?”

            And he said, “Because, Finn, I’m thankful that’s not what time travel’s really like.”


            So my first run-in with Future Bree. Nine words.

            Three minutes.

            That’s how long it took Bree to nab my heart.

            Three years.

            That’s how long it took me to nab hers.

            Bree’s always joking that her Future Self and my Past Self are cheating on our present. I laugh, but it’s kind of true.

            Then there was her first trip back to see me after all the craziness went down while I was in D.C. in the future (well, her present) and she’d caught up with her own future self. Now that one was a little more exciting . . .

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