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He sat on the bench outside the hospital room, tapping his foot on the ground. A little boy sat next to him on the bench, his brown eyes watching his feet swing back and forth. The man was horribly worried. Bags hung under his eyes, which matched the little boy's. His skin was pale from no sleep.

A nurse came out of the room and looked at him. "Mr. Bieber, you can come in now," she said.

The man picked up the little boy, carrying him into the hospital room. Inside, he saw a woman asleep on a hospital bed. Next to her in a portable crib was a little baby. Mr. Bieber walked over to the baby and it opened its big, blue eyes. He looked at the tag on its wrist. "I'm a Girl!" it read.

Justin took the woman's hand. She turned her head, looked at him, and smiled. "Congratulations," he said with a smile.

"What do you think she should be named?" asked the woman.

"I like Juliet," he said, rubbing the wedding ring on his finger.

The woman looked puzzled. "Why?"

"Because," Justin smiled, "her eyes remind me of someone I know."

"If you insist," the woman laughed, turning her head to look at the baby. "Hello, Juliet," she said, smiling crookedly.

In case you didn't get the ending: Throughout the book, Juliet's always had a crooked smile, and so does the woman in the bed. Juliet's always had big blue eyes and so does the baby. He married Juliet; she's the woman in the bed.

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