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Wondering why I chose Cassano? This was part of our big big plan...for love. Ever since our encounter at the age of 14 we've liked each always sneaking out to see each other he always took me to nice restaurants in Italy and bought me a rose every time we went out. We were perfect together. But always in missions we made the dream team. But our family's were enemy's. We both knew what would be bound to happen. We were now 25 doing  a background check on Babel and the chairman .
the one I'd marry.
We made a plan for me to marry him and find out everything about him which would do nothing because we'd both kill him. That was my last time seeing Vincenzo. That night we took each other's virginity. I didn't want to lose it to that chairman I wanted to lose it to man I truly loved. Unfortunately our parents had caught us and made me say horrible things to Vincenzo before I left. Leaving things iffy. But today when we saw each other I knew the plan was still on. We sat down by the kitchen counter. And Ate pasta not to be cocky but my pasta was absolutely the best thing ever "god Maria I've missed your pasta so much" he said enjoying every bite. I smiled at him nodding "How have you been we haven't seen each other in so long I was starting to think you'd never come back for me" I said his face turned serious " I know I didn't think you'd want to see me but I figured I'd try hoping I'd see you again" he pauses "You,  how have you been?" I gave him a small smile " I've been okay he's been keeping distracted for the time being " I said signaling my head towards jun woo on the floor and we chuckled "I've missed those precious laughs Maria " he said getting close to me "I've missed yours too" as we stared into each other's eyes suddenly he pressed his lips on to mine. This kiss was filled with nothing more but emptiness being filled once again our tongues dancing together again. He lifts me on to the counter making wrap my legs around his waist I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling us closer deepening the kiss he lifts me once again taking us to a room placing me down on the bed hovering on top of me
"I've missed us so much amor" amor is a Spanish word for "Love" kissing down my neck his hand on my stomach slowly undoing my silk robe until my whole body was exposed "Shit" he curses as he completely scans my body "I'm so glad no one will stop us this time"
he smirks as he starts to unbutton his shirt taking off everything until he's left with boxers
I'd be dammed he's so hot it hurts I could never get tired of staring at his pretty face and hot body he is the definition of "Dream Body"
He took off his boxers making me gulp at his size he pulled me by my ankles pulling me close to him kissing me hard pulling away teasing my entrance suddenly pounding into me "Fuuck" I cursed pleasure washing over continuing slowly thrusting in and out kissing my neck "mmmh right there" I moaned making him thrust at a quicker pace and deeper into me "Mmh mmh" I moaned louder making him thrust faster "fuck your so tight" both of us chasing our high "aaAah" he thrusted another time before we came together collapsing to the side of as we try to catch our breath turning to each other smiling like little kids he pulled me to him and kissing me once again I grabbed the sheets wrapping us in warmth completely cuddled together
I woke up under him as he slept like a god such smooth skin and beautiful eyelashes I laid my head on his bare chest playing with my hair I missed these moments with him I never wanted it to end. This was the only way I wanted to ever die. Now to deal with woo damnit he's gonna be a pain. I got dressed and walked towards the kitchen were he was sitting on the ground and turned to me "hey babe WHY THE HELL AM I IN HANDCUFFS" he screamed making me laugh "you'll see want breakfast" I took out a pan with oil and eggs I served a portion on his plate and kneeled  to him grabbing eggs with the fork staring into his eyes "open babe you'll get malnutrition" he looked at me like a mad little kid that didn't want to eat vegetables but still ate "good" I fed him until he was finished and gave him some water "I'm sorry woo but I never wanted this you know it was a forced marriage you were great to me and I thank you for that. I'm sorry" I said to him I meant it but he wasn't the one my heart loved .

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