Bella's POV

I woke up with Jacob's arms wrapped tightly around my torso. I took in all of his features, he looks so cute and delicate while he's sleeping. "Why are you staring at me?" he asked. "how did you know that I was staring? I thought you were sleeping." "I can feel it" "oh" was all I could say back. I got out of his grip and he pulled me back. "stay with me" he said. After that I burst into song, "cause your all I need" he stared at me with a 'really' face. 

He pulled me towards him and we just cuddled for a bit until I was starting to get hungry. I was about to say something but Jacob's lips attached to mine, I got the hint that he just wanted to stay here, our lips moved in since and soon we pulled apart, both of us were out of breath.

"I couldn't let you ruin the perfect silence" he said. "I'm just hungry, can we go downstairs now?" "sure baby girl" "okay Jake" "you know that I don't like it when people call me Jake" he said annoyed. "Yeah, that's why I said it" I got out of bed and pulled my black tribal print onsie and went downstairs. "Jacob get up" I said. "No I want to stay here" I was about to say something when I heard Nat from downstairs. "Belllllllllllaaaaaaaaa" she screamed. "Come downstairs, everyone wants breakfast" she continued. "Why cant you make it your house?" I asked. "Because I don't know how to make food" "okay lets get started" I said as I went downstairs.

I grabbed the bacon from the fridge and put it in the pan, Jacob came downstairs and he took over for me. He made the bacon and put it in a plate. "Bacon's done" he said. He turned around and everyone devoured the bacon, he turned back around and looked confused. "I litteraly just put that there how is that already finished?" "I was hungry" Nash said. "I saved you a few pieces" I said handing him 2 strips. "thanks babe" he said, leaning in a sweetly pecking my lips.

I looked around and realized that Nat, Carter, Matt, Maya, and Trevor were gone. "Hey guys, where's Nat, Carter, Matt, Maya, and Trevor?" "I guess they just kinda disapeared." Nash said. All of a sudden the door burst open and Nat, Carter, Matt, and Maya came into my house with black masks and giant nerf water and normal guns. They started pushing us outside to my pool, once we got outside they started squirting us and shooting us with the foam 'bullets' "This is war!" Cam screamed. Trevor then came out with a box of more water and 'bullet' guns and distributed them out, he handed me a nerf rebelle gun. I took it and started shooting the guys.

After a while we started to calm down, "that was fun, but where did you get all of the guns?" I asked Nat. "Mateo and Olivia helped us, I also found lots in my attic." We went inside and sat on the couch.

"I'm bored" Sam said. "So am I" Ricky said. "Okay, what do you want to do?" I asked. Then I remembered, in our basement we have an xbox, wii, and playstation. "Nat, go get your wii and paystation games and controlers. Wii, xbox, or playstation?" I asked everyone. "It depends what games you have" Taylor said. "Trevy, I'm gonna need help with the games and shit." she told Trevor. "Okay babe" he replied. "oh and Eli and Derick were at my house a couple of weeks ago and they left some playstation games, do you want me to bring those?" "ya sure, I thought you didn't like Dereck" I said. "I don't" "lets go Trev" "wait did you say that you and other guys played video games together?" "yeah why? we had our monthly tournament. Is little Trevy jelous?..."

Their conversation trailed on as they left my house. "That was odd" Kian said as soon as the door closed. "I know" I said. "Mateo" I screamed. "What do you want Bella?" "Where are your video games?" "In my room why?" "because I need them" "why?" "because you have the best games" "fine" he came downstairs and handed me about 10 games. "We will be in the basement" "can I go to Max's house?" "ya sure, just be back before 4, that's when mom comes home" "okay bye" Then he left. "who's Max?" Matt asked. "Eli's little brother, he lives across the street"

Nat and Trevor came in with 2 boxes of video game shit. "lets go downstairs" we went downstairs and some people sat on the couch and others sat on the floor. "Okay, what do we have here?" I started pulling out video games and showing them to the guys. I'm not really a video game person but hey, whatever entertains them.

There weren't enough controllers so the guys had to share and take turns. They ended up playing some stupid soccer game and the other people were either cheering or flirting when it came to the girls and their boyfriends except for Nat and Trevor. Nat was kicking video game but, i have never seen nat in this environment before. i knew she played, but not this intense. I was thinking about what else I didn't know about Nat when I remembered the music thing. I knew she played instruments and did theatre but I didn't know she had a youtube channel and did covers.

I grabbed her phone when she wasn't looking and unlocked it. She has the stupidest password ideas, I got it in the first 4 tries. I went to the youtube app and found her profile. The most popular video was her I Miss You by Blink 182 cover. I started listening and it was really soothing, I ended up falling asleep. I was in Jacob's arms feeling the warmth radiate off of him. I am so glad that we are back together!        

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