|Geto x reader|

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"Fuck" Geto whispered as he broke the kiss between the two of you.

You two wanted to study together for an upcoming test next week, yet here you were, a hot mess between his strong arms, which were holding you tightly.

You looked into Geto's eyes deeply, feeling a blush form on your face as Geto's eyes lowered to your swollen, red lips. He closed the space between the two of you, slightly nibbling the soft skin of your lips, as a shiver ran down your spine.

"H-hey, we should be focused on studying." you whispered as your voice cracked a little bit, your whole body aching for his touch.

He started kissing the side of your lips, slowly moving towards your neck, leaving wet kisses along the way. He sucked on the sensitive skin, leaving small red marks on your skin, as he bit it playfully.

"Studying can wait a little, can't it?" his low voice seemed to get even deeper, as he placed his thumb on your lips, pushing the soft red lips down, playing with it slightly as your face flashed with heat.

You couldn't answer him, your vocal cords tightly knotted in your throat, you tried to swallow the lump, earning a low chuckle from the male beside you.

"Did the cat get your tongue?" he said smirking as he lowered his head to your ears, nibbling the red skin on the shell of your ears. You let out a small whimper, your body instinctively closing the small space between the two of you.

He placed his large hands on your small waist, pushing the material of your shirt upwards as he slid his hands to touch your soft skin, making you grip his gray sweatpants as your knuckles turned white. He playfully slid his hands to your back, unclasping your bra, as he took your shirt off quickly. He automatically placed kisses on your collar bone, sucking on the skin as your hands untied his bun, revealing his long black hair.

He left passionate kisses on your chest, as the air vibrated around the two of you, your nipples hardening from the erotic actions of Geto. He took one of your nipples into his mouth, the wet and squishy muscle circling around your aroused bud, as your hands roamed through his long hair, the sensation making you throw your head back.

He was already making your core feel so hot, the throbbing sensation made you grind against his muscly thigh, as he pulled you into his lap.

"You're already this horny, huh? Let's go back to studying okay?" he said with a cheeky grin on his face, as he slightly pushed away your hot body.

"Hmhh. N-no, Geto." you murmured as he flexed the muscle of his thigh, creating friction between your swollen bud and his body, making you rock your hips towards him, his grin only widening.

He leaned in close to your lips, licking it teasingly. "Huh? But you said we need to study. Come on, let's get back to studying princess." he ruffled his hair, tying it into a lazy bun.

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