What Lays Between Love and Hate

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Request made by: XxBlade_Loves_YouxX

Request: OOO hey i have a one-shot request ;) A song one though

can u do one with the song I hate everything about you- by: Three Days Grace

I debated on which route to take this One-Shot for the longest time, even before starting it. This song can be seen as so many different types of love/hate scenario's that it took me a while before finally deciding on this exact plot line.

I must warn you before you read any further, I do not condone abuse but for the sake of this One-Shot there will be abuse present. Please, do not read if this is something you know, as a person, you will not be able to stomach. Also, please, no rude comments.


|The picture, though not perfect matches to the guys, represents something very dear to this One-Shot; protection|

*Excuse the shitty paragraph spaces, misspelled words, etc. Im on my tablet*



I was no longer recognizable in my own reflection. Sure the bruises healed in time and the little cut on my lip had already began to scab over, but underneath all the battered skin and fading wounds I was unknown to myself.

Of course I looked the exact same as I did six months ago, but it was a shell of who I was. My jeweled brown eyes had died, my black hair was beginning to grow again, proving I needed another buzz; my skin was paler except for the purple and yellow blotches painted along my body.

I was the definition of a walking zombie.

But even through all this self hatred and unrecognizable flesh there was still that spark, that fire that raged though my bloodstream when he was around and controlled my actions and emotions. I had no control of myself when he was there. His smile swelled my heart tenfold, his laugh punctured through the walls I was constantly repairing when alone. The way he kisses me and brushes his fingers over my nose and cheek, the pain that flashes in his eyes as he looks over his latest painting - it sends guilt rippling through me.

As fucked up as it seems, Im in love with my abusive boyfriend who hates everything about me, or so it seems.

He is my angel, my strength. But he is also my pain and my enemy. He loves me in his way but his way is slowly killing me.

In truth, I hate him more than words can ever describe. In honesty, I cannot live without him.

I trapped in a state where I despise his presence but have come to need him, no matter how many times he hits me.

It's an endless cycle and some nights I fear for my life.

Colin's drunk again and I'm hiding in my usual place, curled in on myself in the hall closest, pressed against the wall like a cat cornered by master's angry dog. I can hear him just beyond the closet door. He slammed the front door shut, the sound echoing throughout the entire flat, and his intoxicated slur rattled through the halls as he walked straight past the closet, straight to our room. I knew I had maybe twenty seconds to get up and bolt for the door before he realized I wasn't waiting for him in bed like he had asked me to be.

I had known disobeying him was a bad judgement call even before he came home, but, it was a little past three and I was upset. He had promised he wouldn't drink tonight, that tonight was solely just a guys night out with Tristan and Geoff, that they would probably just hang about Geoff's flat and play video games and order pizza. He promised he would be home before mid-night to kiss me into the New Year. But when one rolled around and the tears of betrayal and self pity had finally stopped rolling, I knew he had broken his promises. And maybe it was completely accidental. Maybe Geoff just pressured him into one beer, knowing his best friend well enough to know he could never just have one. And maybe Tristan tried to cut him off, knowing he was coming home to me, knowing how he only became even more violent with poison running through his veins, only to fail. It explained his hasty text he sent me, pleading with me to leave before Collin got home.

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