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*I just realized they live in Italy so pretend everything was said in Italian last few chapters when they're talking to other people*

"COULD YOU MAYBE like run one or two companies while I get my others in line" I said really quickly not knowing the answer to expect

"Sure which ones"
It sure wasn't that one

"Depends on what you wanna do I own a weapons company, clothing brand, car brands and I have the police department"

They looked shocked like this 😳

Yes I speak emojis get with the program

"You're telling me my little sister is the person we've been trying to get the police under our control from"

The shock still evident


Well what else was I supposed to say

"We'll do weapons and what do you mean car brands"

Did I say weapons oh well they already know

"Lamborgini, Range and land rover and Audi I own other thing but I can't handle all that so Cory does"

"Thats why you have all these cars that haven't come out yet"

No shit sherlock

"Yup oh and my gang which I have been slacking on"

Really do need to fix that Amir has been a life savour

"Well I guess I'll take weapons and dad will take the gang"

What is a question or a statement

"Thank you so much dad and Vince"

"Vince that's a new one"

Has he really never had a Nickname before even I have

"Well let me know if you need anything"

"Actually I do"


"I need help finding a new assistant and I just fired the person I HIRED to do it cause they only picked bimbos and you seem like you would do a pretty decent job"

"Sure send me your recommendations and I'll see what I can find"

Lol it's sounds like I'm buying a shoe

"Well I have to leave to my fashion company"
God I've been slacking

"You have a fashion company?"

Isn't that what I just said
None the less I nod my head

"You keep shocking me"

Life's boring without surprises

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