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It's 2am in Korea right now and I'm in black suv   With jun woo on my "first" mission. It's obviously not my first but in Korea I guess it is. His hand was resting on my thigh messaging it up and down kissing down my neck. God why is he like this. Why can't he be sane for at least a second. I rested my head on his and kissed his head immediately stoping and resting his head on my shoulder. Finally. Are driver spoke up "we are here sir...and ma'am" I sat up and picked the the gun "pretty" I said to my gun the two hostages were sitting on chairs tied to each other jun woo was only here to see what I would do it was finally my turn to kill.  I took off the first hostages blind fold and before he could talk I put my finger on his mouth "Listen don't talk unless you want to die sooner " I inserted a bullet into the gun. "I'll teach you lesson before you enter the afterlife..Okay? " I pointed the gun at him. " DO NOT STEAL AGAIN FROM BABEL!" I pulled the trigger nothing I pointed the gun at me "I will not kill without a reason" I said and pulled the trigger nothing again... " Round 1 a Tie "I pointed it back at him "WHAT WILL YOU NOT DO? " he was pissing himself it made it hard to not laugh "I will not steal from Babel ever again please please spare me" pulled the trigger nothing
I pointed it back at me  and looked at jun woo who was smiling at me "Jun woo what will I not do?" "You will not kill without a reason" I smiled back "Correct" I pulled the trigger nothing "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU" the hostage spoke up "I'm the Mafias Wife babe" I pulled the trigger and shot a bullet straight into his head. "Enjoy the afterlife " I whispered
Okay next "you heard what I just did over there to your partner in crime enjoy the after life" as I reloaded the gun and pointed it back at him blood splattered once again all over the floor.
what a mess. Jun woo turned to me with a curious expression "Hey babe why did you say Mafias wife ? " I smiled at him "I'll explain our way home cmon I'm tired I said as I grabbed his hand we got into the car and sat on his lap "I'm called the Mafias Wife because back in Italy I was the first Women to become a Mafia Boss they named me Mafias Wife after that I'm guessing just because I'm women or something but I liked the name so I stuck to it but now I'm your wife too" I said smiling at him he smiled back "That's right Babe" he said as he placed his hand on my neck and smashed our lips together "You looked so hot teaching them a lesson it made me want to learn a lesson as well" he said as he started to kiss down my neck finding my sweet spot "mmmh " I moaned "I like when you moan like that baby" I chuckled at him and we made out until we got home I showered and went to sleep immediately it was extremely late I had forgotten to clean my face and I went back to the bathroom and " SHIT BABE" I screamed as he was underwater I quickly pulled him out and lay him down on the floor
"Hey babe I need you to wake up "as I was waiting for his doctor to come I leaned in and kissed his cold lips "please be okay" the doctor finally came and did CPR finally throwing up water and sitting up I kneeled down to him hugged him "Don't ever scare me like that again I can't be here without you" I hugged him tightly he hugged me back "I'm okay babe don't worry no one can ever come between you and me" he kissed my lips before turning back to the doctor " I'm okay doc thank you" he smiled at him as the doctor walked away I turned back to him "Are you sure your okay ? Do you want me to cook you something? Does anything hurt? Do you want me to call someone? He put his finger on my mouth "Baby I promise I'm okay let's just sleep" I nodded and he picked me up bridal style cuddling up to me. I never realized how much I actually enjoyed his company. Did I fall in love with him?? No Maria calm down this was a forced marriage this is all fake. May as well enjoy what's fake for now I cuddled into his neck and fell asleep peacefully

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