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I've arrived to Korea it's a cloudy day. Perfect.
Cloudy days are my favorite. I zoned out thinking about everything that was about to happen
"Ready?" My body guard said as he smiled
"Always" I responded wrapping my arm around his elbow. He's been serving my family for the longest time he has been my best friend since I can remember. We're both now so old realizing how cold this world was. It was a pretty long drive god did he have to live so far away...
"We're here ma'am " my driver said
"Gracias" I smiled at him as I looked out the window.

Woah... that's a lot of body guards.

I got out the car and took a deep breath before greeting them "hello I'm Maria Romano I hope we can get along" smiling at them they bowed and made way for me to enter. The house was nice very clean. I like this house nothing I would add perfectly decorated. Suddenly a tall man came towards me "Hello I'm Jun Woo" he smiled at me. What a cutie. There's no way he was capable of killing. He had soft curly brown hair, Broad shoulders his body was perfectly sculpted. Nothing imperfect. I smiled back
"Maria Romano" He walked towards me putting his hands on my waist resting his shoulder on my neck giving small kisses
"I'm sure we'll get along perfectly" he said leaning into me placing his lips on mine. He pulled away "I've got some work to do make yourself at home. And always be careful" walking away. I like him.

I have an appointment at a shooting range I hadn't shot a gun in a week I already felt weak. I put on jeans and a leather jacket flipping my black hair behind my neck. I was excited.
shooting was my favorite thing in the entire world. I got there and was given my gun they set up 3 bottles on a table. please. Reminded me of training. I picked up the gun and placed the bullets in the gun . The new body gaurds obviously didn't know anything about me I decided I would play with them. I lifted the gun and shot away from the guns. The body guards clearly holding there laughs. Cute.
I lifted the gun again and aimed at the third bottle. Pulling the trigger immediately blowing the bottle up not waiting and shooting at rest breaking them into pieces. Pointing it at the guards this time there expressions changing immediately finally bringing it back towards my mouth and blowing the smoke
*Slow Clapping*
who the hell..i pointed the gun towards the person
"Woah calm down baby that was impressive I may just take you out to missions so with me" jun woo said smirking at me he shifted his expression back at the body guards
"And you guys that was hilarious you both underestimated her and how quickly your expressions changed I'd kill to see it again" he said laughing like a maniac he's insane...I love him. I brought the gun to his chin and lifted him towards me and kissed him. This kiss was passionate both hungry for each other. We pulled away and I placed the gun back into the case turning back to jun woo and intertwining our hands together. We arrived home and I was met with another man jun woo smile faded as he looked at him "what did you do ?" He looked mad i knew about his company. Everything about him I always had a background check on everyone. I looked at the man gave him a faint smile and sat on the couch across from them. The conversation got heated eventually to were he had a knife at his own neck. Funny. He slit a small cut on his throat. What the hell is he doing. The other man looked like all the air in him had been sucked out. Jun woo walked away and he was still there looking pathetic I walked up to him and smiled down on him "you look pathetic...you need to grow balls before you end up 6ft under" i kneeled down "breathe get out and try to get some air. Don't be so scared...I always know what danger I'm in. But I keep a straight face"
I said to him "grab the knife and point it at my neck" I demanded and he hesitated "NO! I screamed at him as he jumped back "damnit don't hesitate I won't hurt you stop being scared. Straight face okay!. He nodded "use your words next time" I stared at him "okay let's try it again ready?" "Yes" he got the knife and pointed it at my neck I stared into his eyes with no emotion "okay give me the knife " he gave me the neck and I immediately point the knife back at him and didn't made an expression with 0 emotion I smiled widely and put threw the knife far from him " GOOD JOB JUST LIKE THAT , THAT WAS PERFECT!" I said with joy he smiled back "Thank you I'll make sure to remember... also who are you? " he said "I'm Maria Romano Soon I'll be Maria Jang" his smile faded and immediately stood up and bowed at me "I'm so sorry I'm Han seo" I pushed his arm "Don't act like that just cause I'm your brothers future wife calm down I'm your friend. But don't cross me " I smiled at him he relaxed and smiled "you can go I'll talk to him it was nice meeting you " I shook his hand I sighed as I turned to the mess "god why are boys so messy" I once again kneel and pick up the pieces of glass and sweep the the floor. Looked like nothing ever happened. I cleaned my hands and made my room well our room I opened the door and found him leaning by the bathroom sink I came up behind him looking down on him "don't you think you go a little to far?... what a shame it was nice kitchen ware" he got up and turned to me "Like you haven't done worse"

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