Pursuit of Happiness

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Hello dearest readers! I'm dedicating this chapter to my lovely Misty........since he is clearly obsessed. But what I want to point out this time is the title of this chapter. "Pursuit of Happiness". The pursuit of happiness, if you look it up, was thought to be inalienable right by those who wrote the Declaration of Independence. This is the link for the explanation though I find it fairly confusing: http://blog.dictionary.com/happiness/

Misao finally opened her eyes after it had been an hour and a half. She scanned the room but her eyes fixated on another pair of eyes. They were deep coffee brown. Flecked brilliantly with the perfect shades of hazel, shadowed around the pupil just right. They were breathtaking and only belonged to a single being. Toby Erin Rodgers. She smiled sweetly. He had been the one to take her to his own room. His room was dark and dull.....probably so it was easier for him to cool off during pissy mood swings. Toby hesitated as he took a step forward. He casted his amazing coffee brown gaze downward with a huff."Puppeteer said you had a crush on me.......is that true?"He asked, frowning lightly. Misao blinked, incredulous. Did he really just ask that? Her amber eyes seemed to go deeper as Toby locked gazes. They were flecked bright yellow and some hazel and dark yellow. They glittered like frozen honey that light reflected off of. Misao didn't know how to exactly respond.

The Slender Brothers' Reactions

Slender had been walking for 2 straight hours. He didn't seem tired one bit. Puppeteer fell asleep about 10 minutes into the walk. They just went deeper and deeper into the woods. It as well got darker and darker and even more frightening with all the hanging willow trees that began to scatter the area. They came to a large clearing that was dappled with sunlight. The center of Slender Woods. Offender, Trender, and Splendor stood there, tall and silent yet eerie. Offender gave a fanged scowl, growling."Why have you called us here exactly bro?"He asked with crossed arms. If Slender had eyes, he'd be rolling them at the moment. He dropped sleeping Puppeteer on the ground infront of their feet, blocking any exits possible immediately as Puppeteer began to stir."Eww, bringing us here just to talk to this nasty grey thing?"Trender hissed in disgust, hating Puppeteer's fashion choice. Splendor nailed his brother in the back of the head."I don't care! He looks absolutely marvelous! Though I think he does need a dash of color......."He said with an awkward smile. Slender looked ticked, he didn't have time for their childish games."I gathered you here to speak about this child's stupid claims."He snapped, forcing them to be silent. Splendor blinked and prodded Puppeteer with a single finger. Puppeteer sat up, fully awake now."Go on. Tell them you fool."Slender spat coldly. Puppeteer hesitated, staring at Offender more than the other Brothers."I.....I lo-love Misao."He stuttered, cringing while waiting for their reaction. Splendor held back his brothers with his tentacles so he could get to Puppeteer first."Interesting.......you have feelings for a girl, that's just wondrous!"He exclaimed, hugging Puppeteer awkwardly. The boy slightly shoved him off, staring at Trender. He adjusted his unnecessary black square glasses and leaned over Splendor 's arm, seeming to examine him."Hmm....well she's pretty and you aren't handsome whatsoever.....man, all I can say is you need a wardrobe change. And it will never happen. "He sneered with a chuckle, crossing his arms. Offender 's turn to judge this boy's unusual decision of feelings came quite quickly. He loomed above Puppeteer with a growl. "I hope you rot in hell, you little prick."He spat,baring his sharp shark teeth.

Slender and his brothers huddled in a circle. Time to think up a possible punishment. Slender stared at shaking Puppeteer, proud he had scared the boy out of his wits. Offender growled. They separated finally. Splendor was crying."Puppeteer, we have come to a conclusion!"Slender announced, taking a few steps forward.(A/N: Don't kill me....this is like a Judge Judy moment....) Puppet ' s golden eyes sparked with excitement and fear."You have been found indefinitely guilty for falling in love with my ward and speaking rudely merely to express it. What I say goes....your punishment?"The Slender Brothers exchanged glances as they slowly advanced on Puppeteer. " A slow and suffering death ." Puppeteer yelped and whirled around, running faster than he ever had in his life as dagger length claws swiped for his neck. They dashed after him, though his small size compared to them helped him pick up speed. Though they still had their teleporting powers. He had to live! He just had to live! What was going to happen if he slowed down? What if he got tired? Or worse........ What if they catch him?

I'm having fun just messing with your minds! Haha! It ends right there! You wait for an entire week till I update! >:D my goal is 110 views. If we can get to that in less that two weeks, I'll make an extra short story..........but it's really sad. Don't forget to comment, favorite, and follow me! Please comment.....and reccomend! ^-^

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