The Battle

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We were ready. Me and Kyle had some pretty boss armor. (Look up armor of kings from infinity blade on Google). The Welder had trained us for months in sword fighting and we had lots of knowledge about the kingdom and it's escape routes. We had the attack planned. It was time to overthrow the Programmer. At least that's what the Welder called him.

We left the shack and we went to free Secret first. I went around the back and cut through the bars in the windows and I climbed through. The warden saw me but was too fast. I threw my dagger right between his eyes and he fell to the ground, dead. I called for Kyle and he broke through the door with his axe. The warden had a spasm sort of and he stood up, his "bones" all crooked and he attacked me. Kyle sliced off his head and helped me up. "You guys are beasts. You know that?" Secret said. "Alright, let's go dude," Kyle said, "Get up." He ran out of the cell and said, "Ok, I'll meet up with the Welder back at the hut and get a weapon. After you defeat the armies, meet back at the castle and we'll put an end to this." Me and Kyle ran outside and swatted down robots, left and right. Kyle used his double wielders and in one swift motion cut off a robot's arms sliced the whole thing in half. "Dude. Nice," I said. "I know right?" Kyle replied, "Now we have mad skills. We're beasts." I jumped on the back of a really big robot and raked my daggers down his back. He was on the ground, oil leaking, and he was trying to yell for help. I stomped on his head, and he wasn't harmed, just face down. So, I ran my sword through his head, "If that doesn't shut you up, nothing will." We fought our way over to the castle. The doors wouldn't open, so Kyle just broke them open with his axe. We fought our way through the castle, with the occasional stealth attack. We finally got to the throne room. It was like a comic con without all the nierds. (Intentional spelling) (BTW, no offense to the modern ones. They're legit. I meant like the first ones.) The Programmer came at us with everything he had, which was basically like bigger versions of the robots outside. We cut right through them and he was very angry. He charged at us and Kyle, in a quick counter, turned him around and ran him through with his dual wielders. "Nierd," he said. The thing is, the Programmer wasn't human. He was half robot as well, but more human than the others. As we were examining the emperor, Kyle made a choking sound. I looked over, and he had a sword through his throat.

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