Chapter 35

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Laurens POV

"Yeah. Also bring some water balloons." I said into my phone with Normani on the other line.

"Okay. Is it just going to be us girls?" She questioned as I sat on the counter.

"No. Niall is coming with Liam and Louis. I also invited some guy to come."

"Ooohhh. Are you sure Camila is going to like that?" She questioned.

"It doesn't matter if she is okay with it. She doesn't control me." There was a long pause. "Yes. I got permission for him to come." I mumbled before she laughed.

"Oh God Laur. You are so whipped."

"I am not Mani. I just don't want her to be mad at me." I stated.

"You might want to make sure Amy brings the Whipped cream with the ice cream that she's bringing." She said before she burst out laughing.

"Ugh! Whatever Mani." I said before I hung up. I sighed and tossed my phone on the counter beside me. Just then Camila walked into the kitchen.

"Hey Camz." I smiled at her. She glared at me before she turned her attention to the fridge. I forgot that she's not a morning person. "You look beautiful." I tried to cheer her mood up.

"I know." She mumbled. "Cook me some breakfast."

"Is that a question or are you forcing me to do it." I raised a brow at her.

"Shut up Lauren!" She shouted before she slammed the fridge door closed. "If this is about yesterday then just stop talking!"

"Woah! What's up your ass this morning?" I questioned. She turned and glared at me once again.

"Nothing is. You're just so infuriating!" She exclaimed as she walked towards me.

"What the fuck am I doing?" I questioned.

"You're just.... Ugh!" She ran a hand through her hair and walked out of the kitchen. I just sat there completely shocked at her sudden burst of anger. Something is definitely wrong with her. I was going to let her cool down until I heard a loud crash. I sat up and ran towards the stairs.

  I walked into our room but it was empty. I looked in the bathroom but it was empty as well. I heard another crash followed by a scream. I felt myself starting to panic.

"Camila!" I shouted. I ran out of my room and started checking the rooms of the second floor. "Camila! Where are you!?" There it was again, her scream and another crashing sound. This time I heard it coming from the attic. I made my way over and opened the door.

"Fucking assholes!" I heard her shout before a crash followed. I ran up the stairs and the sight in front of me stopped me in my tracks. I know for a fact that my parents are not going to be happy about the mess Camila just made.

  My dads golf clubs were scattered on the floor with an old mirror crashed into millions of pieces beside it. Old books were thrown across the floor with some broken glass. Camila was standing in the middle of the room with a crumpled up piece of paper in her hand.

  I slowly made my way over to her. Luckily I was fully dressed so I didn't have to worry about stepping on broken glass. The crunching of broken glass under my boots made her turn her head in my direction.

"Why Lauren? Why?" Her voice cracked. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out because I was confused. I had no idea why she was in the state she is now. I don't know what to do.

"Why do my parents think that giving me money every week is enough? Why don't they realize that I need them in my life?" Her voice cracked as tears ran down her beautiful skin. She suddenly dropped to her knees and placed her face in her hands and started sobbing. I ran to her and got down on my knees before throwing my arms around her. I pulled her as close as possible and sat her on my lap. At this moment I didn't care that I was sitting on broken glass. She caught me when I had my breakdown about my family so i'll catch her no matter where we are.

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