Chapter 5

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Julia's P.O.V

I unpacked when my dad walked into the room we just looked at each other until I sat on my bed with my song book I'm working oon a new song called "Mirror,Mirror"

"Julia I'm sorry"

"Ok. Is that all u have to say if so then leave me be." He sighed and walked out I'm not trying to be harsh but that was kinda rude don't u think any who I finished the song I texted it to the girls to see what they thought and the thought it was good so I guess that's a good thing hopefully we will put it on the album. Shoot that reminds me we have to be at the studio in 3 days luckily it was here in Vegas I told the girls. Ugh I'm bored I got out of my room and walked out to the back and just sat down to finished my song when Renee came out

"So um Julia do you want to come out with us to eat?"

"No I'm okay."

"Well it doesn't matter your coming anyways"

"Excuse u but I don't have to listen to you your not my mom so leave me alone"

"Julia quit being rude to her"Dad said

"Shut up!" I walked to my room and started to pack I'm tired of this bullshit already I'm just going to go to my friends house. Hopefully she is there

"Julia where are you going?"
Isn't it obvious dad I'm leaving I don't want to be here"

"Julia stop"

"No I'm going to Katy house or going to find mom"

"Julia I know your mad but give her a chance"

"A chance! Give her a chance I've given her so many I'm tired of it she is so rude when you are not around" He stood quite I scoffed at him and continue to pack my dad kept taking stuff out of my bag

"Bro what the hell are u doing?"

"Putting your stuff away Julia u can't leave I haven't seen u in along time I'm not letting u leave again!" I stood silent I didn't know he was thinking like that

"Dad I'm always going to be around I always end up coming back but its hard cause your always on the road so"

"But that's my job"

"I have a job to dad but I still find time to be with you right? Right."
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