Chapter 23:A Misunderstanding

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"Here's your bag"-Yukiteru

"Thank you for crying my bag for me n_n"-Ryouko

"It's nothing n_n"-Yukiteru

Then everyone stared to them and all of the girls became a spirit like...

"As I though they go at the school together"-Reiko

"Oh no~"-Me

"What did we do?"-Yukiteru

"No-nothing"-Me and Reiko

"Are you sure why are you two sweating?"-Yukiteru and Ryouko

"This is nothing"-Me

"Don't even try to lie"-Ryouko


"We will tell you two what happened"-Me

After that Me and Reiko telll them what happened...

"Whaaaat!!!"-Ryouko while blushing

"Her?"-Yukiteru while blushing

"No way.We're just practicing"-Ryouko

"Of what?"-Me

"It's a secret"-Yukiteru and Ryouko while blushing


"Yes"-Y and Ry while blushing

"Okay.We believe the two of you"-Me

"Phew~"-Y and Ry

"But you need to explaine it to anybody"-Reiko


After that Ryouko and Yukiteru stood infront of the class...

"Everyone Listen!"-Yukiteru


"The true is I don't like Ryouko.I like her but in other way"-Yukiteru

"So,Please stop that rumors"-Ryouko





"We are the Ryouko's fan club!"-Boys

"What!!This is embarrasing"-Ryouko

*XD*-Me and Reiko

When Ryouko is going to walk.She step on something that will make her stumbled then suddenly Yukiteru catch her.So,Ryouko is  on the top of Yukiteru...

"Grrr!!! *mad*"-Girls

"Yukiteru"-Ryouko while blushing

"Ryouko"-Yukiteru while blushing

After taht Ryouko stoop up fast...

"I-I'm sorry"-Ryouko while blushing

"I'm sorry too"-Yukiteru while blushing

"Ryouko!I think you better run now"-Reiko


Ryouko's POV

Then she looks on the girls...

"Don't be mad."-Me

"You're dead! *mad*"-Girls

"I thought you all hate Reiko"-Me

"No,We hate you the most *mad*"-Girls

"Yukiteru.Help me!"-Me

"I have my business"-Yukiteru

"Don't ever go near to Ryouko*mad*"-Boys



"Do you want to run with me?"-Yukiteru

"Sure!Let's go"-Me

After  than Me and Yukiteru run away...

"Do you think they will be okay?"-Okumura

"Ofcourse.If Ryouko is out of patience.They will all beat up"-Reiko

"I guess you're right"-Okumura

"Let's go at the canteen"-Reiko


Then they go in they Canteen...


"Why is this happening to us?"-Y and Ry

End of Chapter 23

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