Ryouko's POV




"I-i need to tell you something?"-Yukiteru while blushing

"What is it?"-Me

"I-I Like you"-Yukiteru


Then someone heard them...

"Oh.No.Yukiteru likes Ryouko"-Girl 5

"But I need to listen to them.To be sure"-Girl 5


"Is that true?Because I like you too"-Me while blushing

"I Love you"-Yukiteru

"Love you too"-Me

"It can be.I need to tell this to everyone"-Girl 5

Then she leave the rooftop...

Then suddenly...

"That was a great acting Yukiteru"-Me


"Now whe you confess on a girl she will say Yes! for sure"-Me

"Really.Thanks for training me n_n"-Yukiteru

"Let's go home now"-Me


After that that they go home...

On the next day...

Reiko's POV


While I'm walking suddenly I heard everyone in school talking to each other...

"Did you know Yukiteru Confess to Ryouko"-Girl 6

"Really.But why I reallly like Yukiteru.And I want to be his Girlfriend"-Girl 7

*What Yukiteru confess to Ryouko.No way*-Me

And I heard another one...

"I don't know why Yukiteru liked that girl?"-Girl 8

"Yes.I wish I was Ryouko"-Girl 9

"So,Do you know the news?"-Girl 10

"Yes"-Girl 8 and 9

*I didn't know Yukiteru likes Ryouko*-Me

After that I go in my classroom.As I though they talking about Ryouko and Yukiteru.

Okumura's POV


"It can't be"-Me

"So,You heard it too"-Reiko

"Yes.I heard everything"-Me

"Don't be so dissapointed"-Reiko

"And I heard Yukiteru confess to Ryouko at the Rooftop"-Me

"That was a little romantic by the way where's Ryouko?''-Reiko

"She said that I go ahead first.Because she is just taking her shower when I leave"-Me

"Wha?!What time did you leave Ryouko?"-Reiko


"And that means..."-Reiko

Then Ryouko came with Yukiteru...

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