Part Twenty-Two

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Mason found that there were far too many doors, but it was a good job he’d checked, because so many were unlocked. Finally climbing the stairs he realised he had no idea where Kate’s room was. Groaning at his lack of planning, normally he was super organised, he rued the effect Kate was having on his ability to function. Taking the last few steps two at a time, he stood in the hallway. There were two wings in the house, and he knew that his room along with Peter’s were to the right.  Kate had said hers was away from the family, so he turned left. It was only then he spotted one of her heeled shoes in the centre of the hallway.

Shaking his head at the audacity, he scooped to pick it up, before spotting the matching pair a few steps further along. When he saw what looked like a sheer hold-up a few paces further, he felt the whole of his body zing, the electric current that he associated with touching her was here already, apprehensive and waiting. This was going to be explosive, he could tell, and his body tightened in anticipation. By the time he reached the only door that was ajar, he had the shoes, two stockings and the crocheted shawl that she’d had draped around her shoulders earlier.

Kicking open the door he gasped, she stood barefoot and dressed in only a silky strappy slip that clung to her body. A faint light broke the darkness, bleeding under the room from the en suite, and it silhouetted her from behind. With the light and from this angle he could tell that it was all she was wearing, and it drove him completely nuts.

                “Kate...” He could barely form an audible sound his mouth was so dry. The corners of her mouth lifting into a smile were the only signs that she’d noticed his lack of composure.

                “You took your time; I thought you’d got lost.”

The wicked minx! Was all he could think as he tried to formulate a response, “there were a lot of doors to check...and there was no chance of me getting lost!” He held up his arms filled with her possessions before dumping them on the floor.

The smile was back and it was laced with promise, expectancy, and immediately reignited those fires in his body. She’d promised revenge and it seemed that she had to do very little to rip him into pieces. 

                “So what have you planned for me?” he asked trying his best to appear nonchalant, leaning against the still open door frame.

                “Well,” she took a step towards him, “firstly, close the door...and lock it! We’ve been disturbed enough.”

Mason mock saluted before doing as she asked. When he finally turned back to face her, she’d stepped closer to him, and he struggled to breath. Her long dark hair cascaded over her shoulders, partly covering her face, the pale silk babydoll slip skimming over her flesh was almost luminous in the partial light. As she stepped towards him, Mason had a feeling he was about to experience death by sensory overload.

Kate had wondered if her bravado would leave her, this was by far the most outrageous thing she’d planned. The one night stand back at the wedding was different because she’d honestly thought she’d never see Mason again. She could play the part of the siren with no consequence. Now, this was different.  But the hunger in his eyes, the way she could tell he was fighting to stay in control all boosted her, all told her that this was working.

When Mason took that fatal step toward her, she held up a hand and shook her head, “no. Take off your clothes!”

His eyes widened at her request, “really?”

She nodded, she so wanted to see that body again, hard, strong, jus perfect. And him out of clothes brought him down to her level, evened the playing field. Leaning against the bedpost, twirling a lock of her hair absentmindedly, she watched as first his sweater came over his head, after that the plain white t-shirt. After each item of clothing, he glanced at her with a questioning look. Each time she’d give a slight incline of her head and he’d proceed to the next item. Socks were followed by jeans, until he slid his thumbs under the waist band of his figure hugging dark shorts. Smiling at her wickedly he raised an eyebrow. Kate gulped, trying to ease her dry throat, then nodded.

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