'Oh she's pissed.' I realized a little too late. I was now trapped in the room with her because there was no way I was making it out of the closed door before she was on me.

"I just don't want her taking you from me." My voice was lower trying to calm the other girl down before she got violent again.

My response evidently had the opposite effect. A look of pure outrage contorted her features as she took a threatening step forward. "First of all, she is not trying to take me from you! She is lonely!" At this point DeLacy's eyes are glowing with rage as she seethes in anger, her pupils long gone beneath the smoky blue centers of her eyes. "And secondly, I am not yours to be taken!" She snarls.

At that the chains holding back the rage and pain fed monster inside of me snapped. "You certainly acted like it the other night!" I snarled, my pupils blew wide and I was actively fighting a shift. "Or is it just fun for you to finally get some attention?" I sneered.

That must have pushed a wrong button because my back was against the door in an instant. Gasping for air I began to panic at the sudden closeness of inch long fangs a hairs breath from my face. DeLacy's fists were balled in my shirt making me stand on my tiptoes.

"Listen here puttana," She spit the word out through clenched teeth, black and blue eyes boring into mine. "I am not the one so starved for attention I'll say anything to anyone to get it. I'm not the one who has a whole pack to turn to for help and yet still had to ask for it from mere peasants like us because your pack doesn't even like you!" She snarled in my face.

That one hurt, snarling back I reach up to pull her arms off of me. My claws must have come out and dug into her arms because she lets out a high pitch yelp as she released my shirt and scrambles back away from me.

Holding her bleeding upper arms her voice takes on that haunting echo like quality as her eyes solidified in their fazed state. "You do not own me!" She yells going back to the original argument. "I am not yours, nor do I want to be. Your kind may believe in some predetermined fate when it comes to love, but I don't. I can not forget what you've done to me! I can not forgive what you've continued to do!" The entire time she's talking, she's stalking towards me with a savage look in her eyes. I backed myself up in a circle until my back was to the closet. Her claws were fully extended and gleaming in the light from the window. Her fangs bared in a snarl as orange moonlight glints off the saliva on their curved surface. "I thought that maybe I was wrong and you weren't the self-centered bitch I thought you were. That maybe you could understand and accept what I am. I'm a monster plane and simple. I may look like I'm not sometimes, but I assure you I make the bogeyman look like a saint." Her teeth snapped at the end of every sentence punctuation the sharpness of her voice.

I was now pressed to the doors her fangs inches from my face her bleeding arms long forgotten. Panic took hold and I did the first thing my instincts told me and that was to get her to back off any way I could. Words weren't going to work so my body took did the next best thing before my mind could catch up with my actions.

Lunging forward I start to sink my teeth into her bicep when I'm thrown to the side like a rag doll. Looking up I see a very irate DeLacy fully fazed and very pissed at me.

There was a loud thump as my body hit the dresser. In a panic I begin to shift as I hear Eric yelling as he stomped up the stairs, finally having the sense to come see what all the yelling was about.

When he comes through the door to see me mid shift and DeLacy fully fazed he flew into motion. In a flash he tackles DeLacy to the ground before she can attack me, but in doing so he's now made himself a target as well.

Letting out a bloodcurdling roar, far more apt for a T-Rex than should be possible, she sinks her teeth into Eric's shoulder before he can pull away.

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