Chapter 9

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--Abigail pov-

Laying with Matt is the best. I can feel his warm breath down my neck and it gives me the shivers. "You're so beautiful Abby. Can I call you Abby?" He whispered in a sexy voice. His voice just mesmerizes me, and leaves me speechless so I just slowly nod. "Kiss me matt" I said without thinking. "Just one thing first" he said quietly. "Anything" I mumbled. "Wake up" what?

"ABIGAIL MURREY WAKE UP" my mom screamed in my ear. "Get ready, we have church soon." She practically yelled at me. So wait, it was a dream? It felt so real, like he was actually about to kiss me. After I quickly made my way back to reality, I decided it was a good time to text Matt.

Abigail 💘// Good Morning. It's 8 so you're probably asleep, I just wanted to say that I hope you have a great day! How's Magcon? Text me when you see this. xxx

$$ Matthew's POV $$

It was already 8 and I still haven't slept all night. I was up all night thinking about Abigail. We have been talking a lot more, and it's getting pretty serious. I can't wait to go home and meet her, I'm pretty sure we live in the same part of the state, but I can't be sure. She recently moved to Virginia and I think we live close by, I'll have to check. As I'm deep in thought my phone buzzes.

Abigail 💘// Good Morning. It's 8 so you're probably asleep, I just wanted to say that I hope you have a great day! How's Magcon? Text me when you see this. xxx

She is so sweet, awwww. Damn, I barely know her and I'm already whipped. God help me.

Matt 😋// Hey Abby. Can I call you Abby? Anyways, Good Morning! I hope you have a great day as well. And Magcon is going fine, I just can't wait to be home in Virginia again. Speaking of, what part of Virginia did you move to? Xoxo

Not long after, I get a reply. This is pretty much how are convo went:

Abby 💘// hope you slept well Matty poo, and I moved to Charleston. What city do you live in? If you can't tell me, that's okay too.

Matt 😋// I live in Charleston as well! I go to Bishop Ireton high school, you?

Abby 💘// omg same! Maybe we can finally meet? Here's my schedule! *schedule*

Matt 😋// We have 6/7 classes together! Abby this is great! I can't wait to tell the boys about this. But when I come home in two weeks I want to know who is bullying you, and I'm not kidding Abby. This is not okay.

Abby 💘// I don't want to cause problems Matt. Can we just not talk about that right now? Let's talk about how excited I am to see you.

Matt😋// I know, talking to you is great. I haven't felt this close to anyone in a long time Abby. That says something, and I hope we are friends for a long time.

I think about sending that or not for a few minutes. I don't want her to feel friend zoned. I send it anyway.

Abby 💘// Same here. You are probably my best friend, considering I don't have many. I hope I am yours? 😏 Just kidding lol but I have to go, I'm headed to church, text me later? Bye Matt. xxxx

I kept rereading that over and over again. Little does she know, I don't want to be best friends. I want to be more. It's so weird how this friendship started over one tweet.


Thanks guys for all the reads! Sorry this chapter was mostly text messages. I'll post again Friday. As you might know from my last chapter thingy, I am posting ever Monday and Friday now. Love you guys! 💘💘


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