Before It All Started

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I had just woken up to the burnt orange sunset off the view of my beach house down in Miami, Florida. It was such a beautiful morning. As always I woke up went to my bathroom to take a shower. As I walked into the bathroom I started to unrobe so first I took off my Iron Maiden shirt then my skull short shorts. When I was down to only my black, silk underwear I walked over to the shower and right before I got in I slipped them off.

While I was in the hot steaming shower I squirted some shampoo into my hand and began to run it and my fingers through my brown, messy curls. It was hard though because of the tangles that must have formed while I was sleeping "haha". After that I looked around for my cotton candy body wash that was now laying on the floor. "Ehhh", my pup must have knocked it over while I was sleeping. So I picked it up and squirted it on a sponge that was hanging up on my shower wall. I began to rub the blue sponge on my long tan legs all the way up to my stomach then over my breasts. Lastly I ran it over my face and then over my ass. Before I got out I stood under the water and let it run all the way down my body so I could get all the suds off.

When I got out I walked over to my mirror where there was a towel laying on the front of the sink. I picked it up and wiped the steam off the mirror. I could see my full reflection. I was a beautiful tall brunette with my mixed girl completion. I had my bright chocolate eyes and long brown curly hair which was completely soaked at the moment and dripping all over the floor as the water dripped off my hair, over my brown nipples, then on the white tiled floor, I hurried up and wrapped my hair in the towel so I could walk to my closet without getting water everywhere else. Basically I didn't want to slip LoL.

When I got to the walk in closet I randomly picked out a big T-shirt and a pair of underwear to bum it in since I had no where to go for the day. After I threw them on I walked out to my living room where I had my laptop laying on the couch. While I was walking out though I noticed the screen was lit up. Maybe I just forgot to turn it off I thought, but when I picked it up I noticed my Skype was up on the screen and there was a new person wanting to be my friend. Without even looking at the request the computer made a beeping sound warning me that my battery is low so I rushed over to the charger on my black desk and plugged it up. Withough even looking back at the screen I began to walk out to the kitchen and grab a snack before continuing the rest of the day. Before I even made it halfway out to the kitchen though my computer made a different beep alerting me that I had a new message. Before i could reach it my doorbell rang..."Who could it be this early"??

Everyone there will be a quote posted at the end of every chapter that has a clue in it to who the guy is and what may happen to Diamond. Pay close attention to them and the chapters. Have fun solving it!

"Who I am?
That's a secret,
You only know part of me,
I am like a universe full of secrets."

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