*Seven months later (September)*


"Happy eight-month anniversary babe!" I said planting one on his lips, as he accepts the bouquet of pink roses.

"Is that cherry lip gloss I taste?" Cameron said joking around, licking his lips.

"It was pomegranate."

"Well I was close. Thanks for the flowers babe, they're beautiful. I can't wait for tonight, I can't believe it's been eight months; it's gonna be a night to remember." He said, giving me another kiss. "Well, plus Carter and Macy."

"Why'd you decide to bring them again?" I said in disgust. Even though I normally wouldn't celebrate eight months, but it seems pretty special to me, and we haven't been out on a date in a long while.

"Because it's they're anniversary too and Carter doesn't want to be alone with her. It is his first girlfriend." He said, sweetly.

"Yeah, but why her? She's so different. And I'm talking about the bad different."

"And I can recall Nash not liking you when we first started talking, but now, you guys are the best of friends."

"Yeah, you're right." I hated when he saw the good in everyone.

Lunch nowadays weren't as fun anymore either, our comedian Matt was gone, and since Carter added his girlfriend to our clique, it's been more about her, and less about all of us. Worst thing about it, Carter believes she's the sweetest thing ever, and that we should hang out more, but Macy is the last person I'd want to hang out with.

"Sup weirdos," Macy said, sitting down at our table. "Hey babe." She said, kissing Carter on the lips.

"I missed you babe? How was class?" Carter said, running her hand.

"Can you pass me the salt?" She said, totally ignoring his question.

"Sure," he said, giving her the salt. "By the way, I though it would be a great idea for you and Madison to try out for cheerleading after school today." Carter said, blushing at her.

"What are you, stupid? You know I hate cheerleaders and it's not my thing. And I'm sure Maddie has other things to do."

"The name's Madison, and I don't mind trying out. You don't have to make the team, if you don't want to." I said cutting in.

"What's the point of trying out, if you're not gonna make the team? Are you stupid too?" She said eating her lunch. Sometimes, I really wanted to punch her right in her fake nose. "And that captain is totally a bitch." She said snapping.

But she was right, the new captain of the cheerleading team, is beyond worse than Brooklynn ever was; Tess Woods. If I didn't know better, I could say those two were related.

"Macy, please?" Carter said getting her attention, and then giving her the puppy-dog look anyone could fall for.

"Fine. We'll go straight after school tomorrow." Macy said annoyed.

Getting up to throw my tray away, I could see the big cheerleading poster. Just the thought of cheerleading made me nauseous with disgust, brought back memories of Brooklynn.

And speaking of thoughts, I lost my focus of it, when I collided into Tess, and Jack Gilinsky, Tess's new arm candy, who were ironically, locking arms. He's also new to the school, and it was pretty obvious because he was dating Tess. No guy that good-looking, tall, with a perfect smile, would date someone like her. He must have some potential, or probably none.

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