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I didn't know who this Vinnie kid was, but he couldn't leave my mind.

We'd been texting for about two weeks now and almost ever conversation we've had has been so engaging. Besides Chris and Ryland, he's the only guy I've ever met who seems genuine and not like one of the douche bag kind of guys I always attract.

But then again, I only just started talking to him so I don't know, he may be that kind of guy.



how's la been treating you these past two weeks ?

same old, same old. There hasn't been one day where Hollywood fix just randomly pops up at the coffee shop that I go to.🙄

oh you're living the life😍

i forget you're so famous 🥵

oh fuck off mr. i take off my t-shirt and show girls my v line and abs because they dig that shit.

hey if it keeps the water and the lights on, I'll do anything for that tiktok check😪

you're sick in the head lmaoo

i like actually hate you. i wouldn't even know what to say to you if I met you irl.

maybe i punch you and then you'll stop 😉☺️

girls don't normally wanna punch me when they meet me but go off i guess ?

but let's talk about when I meet you. I'm taking you out. Somewhere nice so we can bully each other

oh you know me so well


marry me mr hacker

still confused as to how that's ur name 🧍🏽‍♀️

how is that hard to believe?

you don't see me going around wondering how cleodora is your name

my name makes sense... vinnie hacker though? what are you a hacker?

you work at the apple Genius Bar ?🥵 so hot

fix my phone for me 🥺

I'm fucking blocking your stupid ass

YoU WoRk aT aPpLe?!

you're not funny

you can't even lie you cracked a little smile didn't you?

i know you did.

don't be mad at me 🥺

no I'm done talking to you.

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