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Spain's POV ~

Ahhh, it was so nice to hang out with Francis and Gil again. We haven't seen each other for weeks. That was probably the longest time we haven't seen each other. Oh look, there's Roma!~

I ran over to the oh so cute, but grumpy nation. "Lovi~ Are you here to pick me up? That's so nice of you!"

"No, tomato bastardo. Why would I be here to pick your fucking ass up?"

"Of course you would." I squeezed him into a tight hug as his face flared up and I chuckled softly.

He tried to push me off but I just tightened my grip.

I let one of my arms go, but reached up to pinch one of his burning cheeks. "Awww, you look like a little tomato mi tomate."

"No I don't bastardo! Just let go of me before I change my mind in picking you up!"

"Oh, so you did come here to pick me up!" I teased smiling widely.

"Shu-shut up you fucking tomato bastardo! Just get in the fucking car already dammit!"

Romano's POV ~

The tomato bastard is such a fucking bastard. Hugging me like that. I hated it. Okay, maybe it was okay..... OK, fine! He's so warm and I feel so safe when I'm around him. I fucking enjoyed it alright!? That sounded so gay. What are you looking at? Just shut up and go fuck yourself.

I grumpily opened my car door to the driver's seat and plopped down . The tomato bastard sat down next to me in the passenger's seat. He smiled at me and I just looked away, feeling my cheeks starting to heat up. Stupid bastard, always smiling at me. I know he likes Feli better than me so why does he keep on smiling at me like that? I'm nothing special. I'm just the "other one" or the "unwanted one" while Feli was and will always be the talented, caring, and wanted one. It's always been like that. Not like I care hmph.

I inserted my car keys into the engine and started to drive back home. Well, the tomato bastard's house since I'm currently living with him and Feli is living with the potato bastard. We are only living with other nations because our house is under construction dammit. We have our reasons for living with others. Also the tomato bastard was in the area so he volunteered to take me in. Tch, it's stupid and so is he.

I drove for a few more minutes and realized that it was way too quiet for the tomato bastard. Usually he would be spewing around irrelevant and stupid comments, but it was quiet. Maybe he finally learned to be quiet and respect other people's space. Actually, that would be a fucking miracle.

I averted my eyes to the mirror and saw that the tomato bastard was staring intently into it. I jumped a little and looked away as I heard a soft chuckle.

"So cute~"

I glared at him and scowled but my face colour screamed a different message.

He just chuckled again as I switched my attention back to the road. I realised that we were almost back to the tomato bastard's house. The gigantic mansion and I mean gigantic. It was fucking huge. It was heavily decorated and there was a large tomato garden right in the the front lawn, which was the only good thing about the bastard's house. I drove up the long driveway and parked the car.

I snapped the tomato bastard out of his daze and stepped out of the car. "Tomato bastardo! We're home dammit! Stop wasting my time by taking your fucking sweet time in getting your ass out of the car and into the house!"

A little startled from going back into the real world, the tomato bastard answered, "Oh Lovi~ You're so cute you know. I could eat you all up as if you were a plump, red tomato. Oh wait, you are a tomato, mi tomate." He gave a small laugh as a small blush dusted his features.

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