Chapter 2 - The Killing of...... ME

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" Look I just want to go home please" I begged

" Sorry, no can do".

I just sat there, I mean there was nothing I could really do. I saw a broken bottle, I grabbed it and smashed it into the guys head then I ran.

I felt someone grab my leg and cut it open, it burnt and it was bleeding bad. They put a blindfold over my eyes so I couldn't see what they was doing or what they were gonna do to me.

I felt some burning and cutting in my arm, I couldn't scream or they were gonna kill me. I wanted to leave but I knew I would die by this rate.

Then I felt stabbing in my back it hurt.

They put me in the back of a van, yes I know again.

They took me to a field, well that's what they told me anyway.

Then boom, my life was taken.

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