Under The Full Moon

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I need to keep running, I thought, unsurprised when my two feet shifted into four. I heard my pack howl about a mile away and was shocked at how much ground I'd already covered. Relief at being so far from Silver had me tipping my head back and answering their howls with one of my own. I could feel them running into the woods in sets of twos and threes to hunt and I wondered who Silver would hunt with tonight.

I shook my head as I remembered that thrill I'd gotten with her eating me out. I'd never been so turned on in my life and right now, I was burning alive for her. It's like what happened in her room had increased my desire for her, my love. I hated it and loved it at the same time. I also knew I had to stay away from it. She wasn't who I thought she was. She had been lying technically and I couldn't live off lies.

A growl to my right had my head turning and a surprised bark escaping my muzzle. Silver was running parallel about ten feet from me. She was eyeing me like prey and I heard the pounding of my pack's paws on the dirt floor of the forest. There were no voices in my head but, knowing the full moon was possessing us all, I hadn't expected to. We had our thoughts to ourselves but there was no hope to control the wolf.

A sharp growl from Silver had the pack changing direction, sprinting past us so that it was only her and I. As soon as their footfalls were out of hearing range, Silver darted in front of me, bringing me to a stop. I growled and bared my teeth. This was it. This was finally it.

Give in now, Luna. We belong together. Silver's voice drifted into my head as she circled me.

No, we don't. Learn to take no as an answer. I snapped, baring my canines in anger and in warning.

If you won't be with me, you need to leave this pack. She said coldly.

Some strange inner part of me knew this wasn't Silver talking, that it was the wolf's way of coping with my rejection, but I was determined not to show how her words hurt me. To think I'd finally found a place to belong and yet now she was trying to force me out. I don't think so, I thought angrily.

Then I'll take the pack from you. I said simply before charging her. 

She snarled as our bodies collided. I heard her teeth snap next to my ear but I turned my head just in time. And suddenly we were human, our lips meeting hard. Whatever would've happened disappeared from our minds. We weren't wolves angry under the heat of the moon. We were just two girls so in love with each other that we couldn't stay away any longer. Her hand tangled in my hair and I pinned her to the ground with my body. I ran my hands all over, touching the skin I'd longed to feel since I met her over two months ago in that little library, where she set my heart on fire. I cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples. I had no experience with girls outside of what I'd already done with Silver. I hoped I did this right.

My lips left hers to trail down her neck down to the objects my hands were caressing. I kissed all around one nipple and then let my tongue rasp over the tip. She moaned and her head tilted back, exposing her neck. I sucked on her and was pleased when her hips ground against me. I let my hands travel to her thighs and then in between to the wetness waiting for me there. She cried out as I rubbed against her clit, still sucking on her nipple. Her fingers tightened in my hair and I was beginning to feel the rush of heat inside me.

The desire that had been forced down in me for the last month or so burst to full life and I slid down between her legs, barely aware of the dirt I was getting on me. She gasped as I kissed a path from her breasts to the top of heaven. I inhaled and smelled her desire for me. I could feel my eyes glowing and then I leaned down and licked her pussy. First up, then down. Pausing to focus on her clit for a bit. She moaned and wiggled her hips so I pinned her thighs to the ground, leaving her wide open for me. 

I slid my tongue inside her and her fingers pulled at my hair. "Oh, Alana," she groaned. "Yessssss."

I dug my nails into her thighs, holding them apart as I lapped at the sweet flavor coming from her. She went rigid and then yelled out my name, clutching my head. I tasted her come and needed more. I kept eating her out, lapping at her until she began to tremble. 

"Alana," she whispered, "stop."

"Never," I growled.

She used her hold on my hair to pull me from between her legs and her eyes widened when I licked my lips. She stared at them for a full moment before grabbing the nape of my neck and jerking my head down so that our lips met again. I slid a finger inside her and she cried out into my mouth. I kissed down to her neck, to the muscle between that and her shoulder. She slid her hand between our bodies and the second her finger brushed my clit, I came, crying out and sinking my teeth into her shoulder. 

"You're mine now," she said.



I woke up to a thudding under my ear. I  eased out of the grip of Silver and looked around. After making love in the woods, we'd come back to the cottage and straight  to her room, where we'd made love in a lot more creative ways. I was covered in her love bites and I winced when I looked at her shoulder. It looked like a rabid animal tore into it. I crossed the room to the bathroom and turned on the shower, deciding to get clean, get dressed, and get my mate some breakfast.

After I got out of the shower, I went into the kitchen wrapped in a towel. One moment I was bending to look at the contents of the fridge and the next I was falling, my sight fading to black around one face. My shock must have shown because he grinned. "Shhhhh, Alpha, this will all be over soon."

My last thought was: SILVER!!!


I woke up to the sound of footsteps besides my bed. I grinned and rolled over. "Hey, baby, you trying to sneak out of my bed? After what we did?" I said, opening my eyes.

"Hello, little sister."

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