Part 14: Fixing The Connection

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Author's Note:

Preston is finally back in the story. I needed to block him out for a bit since Annabeth has so much story set for her. Our boy will be getting his part of the story now.

Preston's POV

Sunday, October 14th - 9:30 AM

Damn... I feel like a little bitch for what happened a few days ago. That argument was really pointless, except the fact that Annabeth was right. Anger issues are going through the roof.

I mean, if only she knew what happened a few days before that incident took place. School even went on without a care in the world, the only difference is that the plaza is clean now. In fact it looks hideous, it's literally naked.

Whatever. When you fuck up, you better fix your own issue. I'm pretty sure Brittany is the right person to turn to first. I mean, she was placed in a dorm room right in front of my own dorm.

We pretty much know each other from head to toe, from inside to outside- wait, that last part came out wrong. What I'm saying is, I should talk to her first, since Britt and Anne are best buddies here.

The Queen 👑📢


reston💤 - 9:32 AM
Hiya, mind coming over?

Brittany👑 - 9:32 AM

Preston💤 - 9:32 AM
Wanna hear how much
I know I fucked up?

Brittany👑 - 9:32 AM

Brittany👑 - 9:33 AM
You better not be lying
or else you will meet Zeus

Preston💤 - 9:33 AM
I don't doubt it m'lady

I come to my door and wait for her slow lazy ass to come out the door. A minute passes... two minutes. Where the hell is she, did she fall or something?

The sound of knocking proves me wrong. I slowly open the door, and I see her true morning splendor. A white T-shirt that's full of wrinkles, her pajama pants don't even look like they should still be in one piece, and her hair... Jesus.

I think I woke up the wrong Brittany.

"Dude, why the hell are you staring?" She asks as she rubs her eyes. I just blink, she blinks, I blink... she blinks. "Oh good, I look like shit, I know, that's the point."

"We're on a mind reading level now?" I ask as she enters my dorm and I close the door behind me. First place she goes is the damn sofa, can this girl even walk?

"Nuh-uh, I know I look like this... *long-ass yawn* not a morning person." I'm surprised that I manage to get up in the morning. Oh well, she will get used to it eventually. Unless she continues spamming people with prank calls until 4 AM. "Britt, are you in the mood to talk about my fuck up?"

"Pretty much, go on, I've got nothing to lose." Brittany says, waving her hand around for me to start talking. For a moment... is this the ideal first step? I mean, I should go to Annabeth directly, but since I pretty much fucked up with Brittany the same way by doing... that.

"Oh well... dunno where to start, first the argument, then the silent treatment from both sides." I say. Damn, this shit hurts, and it's a total shitshow. "You know, I did that for a reason, pretty much for a good enough of a reason to me at least."

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