Academy Lovers: Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Ryan POV

"LALALALALALALALA" I was sooo happy right now that I'm singing like SpongeBob and I don't even care that it makes me more gay I love that dude although I kind of like Patrick to oohh and the squid one -I forgot the name lol- hummm haven't you notice that SpongeBob and Patrick are just maybe a gay couple aww that would be sooo cute lol XD

Ok so back to my childish singing


"Hey man, why are you singing like that sponge dude?" Joey my BFF ask me

"Joey how many times am I going to say this His name is SpongeBob not sponge dude seriously I think I have to go and by a recorder"

"Ok don't get your panties in a knot" he said while pitting his hands up like in a defeated mater "Anyways why are you acting like that?" he ask

"Well Joey my best friend in the world I just came out from my room" I answer with a grin sooo big that I might eve scare a baby.... Apparently even Joey because he is now baking up a little while giving me a weird/confuse/ scare look.

Hehe I'm so evil XD!

"Ryan should I go get superman I'm scare" Joey told me like he was still a little 5 year old

Sooo cute!

Oh wait I haven't told you yet I use to have a crush on Joey when I first came here but I got over it like.... 2 weeks ago I know how I could live! Lol no JK I got over him 3 years ago but that doesn't mean that he is still cute to me

"Nah you don't have to call them its jus that I'm sooo happy today"

"I can see that" Joey told me while we started walking to my room- I mean Andrew and mines I really need a nickname for him his name is a mouthful




I got nothing  =(

"I wanna a nickname for my gummy bear!" I thinking or so I thought.

"Dude what are you talking about?" Joey ask me

Shit! I really need to stop doing that

"Nothing cutie, anyways I'm happy because my new roommate is YUMMY!" I told him while liking my lips just for effect but God he is really yummy.

Any who I keep telling him why I was singing like SpongeBob although I feel more like Patrick ... none the less now that Joey knows he is sooo exited to meet him that he was a grin and is currently pulling my arm of so he can meet my gummy bear.




Why do I feel like I'm going to regret ever telling him hmmm and why do I feel like I'm forgetting something.

Oh well!

We were now in front of the door to the room and I was about to turn the knob when suddenly it hit me - no not the door- the thing that I was trying to remember


Then I stop turning the knob and turn so I could run back to the office.

Man i get distracted too easily

"Wow dude where are you going?" Joey ask me

"To the office I forgot to bring Andrew his stuff keep him company will ya?"

"Sure no problem" and with that I began to run full speed to the office, but something told me that I made a mistake to leave Joey and Andrew alone

I have a bad feeling about this

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