Chapter 4

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I've been in my room for about an hour and a half, and I realized I forgot to eat dinner. I didn't even think about it till now, I've been so busy thinking about my plan. Tonight, once my parents and siblings are asleep, I'll go downstairs, ever so quietly, go out the back door, and go see Cowboy. But before I do that, I'm going to ask Mom again if I can work with him cause I might as well ask if there's the slightest chance she'll say yes and I can get some sleep tonight.

I just realized that I didn't say anything about the rest of my family besides my mom. My dad is a policeman and he starts work early and finishes late. He gets the weekends of though, so that's good! I have an older sister, Julie, and she's fifteen. She's a freshman in high school. I'm only in seventh grade, so I'm the baby of the family. I also have an older brother, Art, and he's a senior in high school. He's usually out with his friends, so I don't see him that much. That's okay, cause he doesn't want anything to do with the horses. He got on Pepper one time, the easiest horse here, while I was on Missy and Julie was on Candy Girl, and he tried to gallop on him (bad idea!) when he had no experience and fell on his face! It was pretty funny, but after that he hasn't wanted to do anything with horses. Julie is as involved with the horses as me and Mom.

Anyway, long story short, it's not just me and my mom here. My stomach started rumbling, so I went downstairs to have something to eat. "Good, just in time for dinner," Mom said. "What are we having?" I asked. "We are having tacos," Mom replied. "Yay, my fave!" I said. I looove tacos! I got a plate, put a warm taco shell on it, and filled it with beef, cheese, and lettuce. "Julie! Time for dinner!" Mom yelled. "Coming!"she yelled back. Art's at his friend's house, so he won't be joining us to eat. Neither will Dad cause he's working late. Julie came downstairs and we all ate our tacos at the table. "So, Mom, I was wondering, can I pleeeaaasse help you with Cowboy? I promise I'll follow all your instructions and I'll be super careful!" I pleaded. "Sweetheart, you have to understand that I can't let you do that until he's had more training. He's dangerous and if you got hurt, I could lose my job. That would be awful, because I know how much you love it here, and I love it here, and this job! I know you would do everything I ask, but it's not worth taking the risk,"Mom said. "That's so unfair!" I said. "Actually, it's not, and I don't like your attitude, so you either stop whining and be happy that you get to help at all with any of the training, or go and sulk. Either one is fine, but if you go and sulk, go upstairs to your room, because we are trying to have a nice dinner, and you are bringing it down."Mom said, scarily quiet, but full of annoyance and frustration. "Fine, since I'm ruining the dinner, I'll go upstairs and 'sulk',"I yelled at Mom. I stomped upstairs and screamed into my pillow. I guess that means I'll have to put my plan into action........

Hey guys, just wanted to say I'm so excited to have started my first book! I'm really happy with how it's turning out, and if there's anything that anyone wants to happen, just let me know:) please comment, but if you don't have anything nice or helpful to say, then don't say anything at all. I'm trying to update sooner, but it's hard cause I have a busy schedule. :) thx

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