Dom: I was in the bathroom getting ready for this stupid party we had to go to and couldn't quite reach the zipper of my snug dress. "Dom!" I called out. There was no response "That's funny the last time I saw him he was getting dressed." I murmured. I heard someone yell "shit!" And I knew where he was. I walked out the front door and found him fixing up the charger, he only had his pants on and the top of his boxers were showing which I didn't really mind😉. "Dom, baby can you zip me up?" I questioned. He turned to me and let his eyes wander then walked up. The feeling of his hands on my bare skin was not a new feeling but it never failed to feelings I never felt with anyone else. Once he was finished he wrapped his arms around me and whispered into my neck biting it every so often. "Do we have to go to this stupid thing?" He asked. I shook my head no and his response was "come on yn you know you'd rather be with me tonight, no interruptions, no one else just you and me." I relaxed in his arms and moaned slightly when he bit my sweet spot. He took that as a way of saying screw the party and with that he closed the hood of the charger and picked me up throwing me into it. Let's just say the night was filled with more giggles and laughter than the party would have.

Brian: Brian and I were walking around the museum party and I was talking to people about the art and its history. I could tell that Brian was bored but he never said anything or let go of my waist. A cute boy a little younger than me came up and started talking about my favourite art piece. Brian stood behind me rigid but kept quite. After he was gone Brian finally spoke "I need a way to tell people your mine." You were about to say no when he ran up to the auction stage. "Yeah hi." He said after grabbing the microphone. "I'm not here to auction off art or anything I just want to say that I love my girlfriend yn I-" he was going to say more but someone grabbed the mic. So he settled for yelling "I love you babe." Then the security showed up as they were dragging him away he sent a cheeky smile your way, and you had no choice but to follow them out. You couldn't go back in so Brian and I settled on taking turns doing burn outs in the parking lot.

Tej: I walked out of the garage office all dressed up ready to go to a party. Don't ask why I got ready in the office I just did. When I got outside I saw Tej counting his share of the money now that would've been fine had he been ready. "Really!?" He looked up and whistled "wow where are you going sweetie." I rolled my eyes "remember that party that we were supposed to go to." He nods his head "alright let's go." He says standing up. "Are you crazy, your wearing a grease stained jumpsuit you hair is dirty, so if you don't get ready I'm going without you." He sighed rolling his eyes "fine I'll get ready but only because I don't want none of those other guys looking at my girl." He exclaimed. "Well hurry your ass up!" "You have 10 minutes" I shouted. He turned back to me and screamed "yeah right I don't go from this to presentable in 10 minutes, I get 20" he then turned and walked into the office. "That boy" I huffed. "He's worse than most girls."

Roman: We were both ready right away and were already at the club. This certain one was huge and the first thing Roman and I did was dance. After an hour or so of that I walked over to the bar and sat down. "Can I get you a drink or my number?" He asked smirking. "Oh no thanks I have a boyfriend he's right over...." Then I trailed off cause I didn't see him anywhere. "You lost him didn't you?" The bartender chuckled. "Maybe" I answered. The bartender walked around the bar and stood in front of me a little to close for comfort. "So sense he's not here." He stopped suddenly and his eyes widened. Then I felt the familiar feeling of Romans hands around me. Roman spoke in a rough voice "is he bothering you yn." Then he directed his attention to the bartender "are you bothering my girl?" The bartender gulped and shook his head going back behind the bar. Roman looked like he wanted to kill the guy so I distracted him by saying "come on Rome let's go dance." The whole night was filled with dancing and distractions.

Han: "Come on yn we have to set up!" Han yelled. I rolled my eyes that man and his parties. When you got there the sight waiting for you made you fall on the floor laughing. Your boyfriend of 2 years stood on top of the hoist trying to hang up the disco ball. "Shut up yn come and help me." Han grunted. I wandered over to the lever that lowered the hoist playing with it. "Hmm." I spoke weighing my options. Han looked over and finally noticed where I was "Yn don't you dare." "What?" "Do this?" I giggled and pressed the lever for a second then let go. The hoist jerked down and Han freaked out. "Yn don't do that!" "We have to get ready for the party!" He yelled. I sighed and said "fine I'll start down here." He nodded in response. As he focused back on the ball I tip toed over to the lever and pressed it down quickly. I then hopped over to where I was before he looked around. "Babe?" Han asked. I hummed in response. "Never mind." He shook his head then went back to the ball. I grinned knowing I could get away with that the entire night. The rest of the prep was filled with the hoist lowering slowly until Han couldn't reach the ceiling and he knew something was up.

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