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WALKING TO MY car I pull out of the parking lot and head home
Heading inside I go to my room I take a shower and lay on my bed with Zeus. Tears streaming down my face looking into my nightstand mirror I shake my head.

"He is gone,"
*Time skip 5 months*

It's been 5 months and I've been doing the same shit everyday;

Wake up

Go to the gym

Make breakfast

Go to school

Make up a lie to leave school

Go to my main building for all my business

Go home



I had to put my illegal career on hold because I've been so stressed lately making my mental health worse. Athena and I hang out every day turns out the girl didn't like her back she was just using her as an experiment. I have almost killed Raven 16 times yet she's still being a bitch.

Xander and Cory have a thing and he's less bitchy cause of it I can tell they make each other happy.

And at last now. I'm currently contemplating on telling dad about my legal business he hasn't been doing much since Vincent took over last month.I got dressed then made my way downstairs

"Where are you going," asked Liam

"I'm going to dad's office come if you want,"

"Nope nevermind," he said running off

he doesn't like that place I don't understand how the fuck is he even in the mafia.

Making my way to my car of the day I take of to dad's office.
Parking my car and entering the building no emotion on my face all eyes were on me. Walking up to the receptionist who might I add was under dressed it looked like she was in her under clothes.

"I'm here to speak with Xian De Luca," looking down at my phone texting dad telling him I'm here. Looking back up I see her watching me up and down

"Is there a problem miss," I said looking directly at her.

"Yes there is,"

"And what might that be,"

"Boss and his son don't want want their whores coming to see them; you were a one night stand get over it," she said rolling her eyes at me.

While everyone was listening closely wanting to know why someone wanted to talk to their 'don'

"And your dressed like you want to be one, I'm guessing you haven't gotten a night with either now can you hurry up and tell me where my father and brother are,"

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